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It’s like a scene out of an old movie filmed right here in Culver City: “Harold, what is that dark area on the wall down there by the bathtub?” asks Jill. “I don’t know, maybe its just some dirt on the wall, or a bit of moisture,” says Harold. “Moisture?” asks Jill. “Doesn’t moisture on the wall mean there is water somewhere behind the wall and even the possibility of mold?” she asks, questioning. “Mold? I never thought of that,” a concerned Harold says. “If it is mold, maybe we can just get some bleach, or something, and wash it off,” he says. “Okay,” Jill agrees as she trots off to the laundry room to get some bleach.

You may not have seen that one filmed on the Sony Picture Studios lot, but the story repeats itself in many homes throughout Culver City, otherwise know as, “The Heart of Screenland.” But the question remains: Will Harold and Jill make it even worse by trying to take care of the dark spot with bleach? Unfortunately, yes it will. By trying to treat the mold with bleach, the happy couple is just looking at the tip of the iceberg, a larger problem that will continue to grow and spread, making remediation all that much harder down the road. They need professional mold inspection and mold testing!


Mold and fungi grow where it is moist, and often that moisture is behind the walls, or under the floors where the bulk of it can’t be seen. The only way to know if it is mold, or not, is to have Indoor-Restore Environmental Services perform mold inspection and mold testing.

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Is mold growing on your property?

Indoor-Restore has been in business serving Culver City and much of California for 20 years and our inspectors and mold specialists are certified through the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA).

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The following actions are performed during the mold inspection:

Detection of moldy, or musty smells in certain areas of your home

We look for visual evidence of mold spread, difficult to spot with the untrained eye

Check out unusual stains on carpets, or other surfaces

Search out poor construction, or repairs, increasing the likelihood of mold formation

Investigate complaints of unexplained, or lingering coughs, stuffiness, and runny nose

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Mold testing comes next and we use air sampling and surface sampling which includes methods of swabs and special tape. We always use a digital moisture meter to detect any hidden moisture issues in our mold inspection services. We also may employ a thermal imaging camera. It shows areas that have differences in temperature that can point the way to water within the wall structure, highlighting the possibility of mold. Once the sampling is done, we send the mold testing samples to a third-party lab that is certified with the state of California, and can determine whether or not mold is present. When the results of the mold testing come back a few days later, we will call you to discuss the findings of both the lab report and the inspector’s notes. Our Report Interpretation Department will help you make sense of it all.

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There could be other consequences to not taking care of the mold properly because mold, when left unchecked, can cause health problems for the occupants of a home. Indoor mold is attributable to a variety of negative health effects: minor stuffiness, a cough, and throat irritation are common. Most severe reactions such as asthma or lung infections can affect people with mold allergies, as reported by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), in a 2004 study.

An inspection by Indoor-Restore should be done first and is the most important step of the process. The inspection will determine how bad the problem is, and if it has spread. All of the remediation steps taken down the road are determined by the results of the inspection. This helps avoid unnecessary remediation, or repair, saving you money and time.

Indoor-Restore is  required to annually re-certify to ensure they are current on all of the latest mold inspection and mold testing techniques. Our inspectors know how a home is put together because they have backgrounds in many trades, such as home construction, inspection, property maintenance and repair.

So you can trust Indoor-Restore to do the inspection and testing right to your satisfaction. We are highly rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and while we might not be as entertaining as a good movie, we are able to bring long-term piece of mind to you and your family. Something a movie just can’t do. As for Harold and Jill, well, they decided to give us a call and, as in many stories, they lived happily every after.

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