Indoor Restore employs specialized equipment that render infrared thermal images to rapidly and reliably provide inspectors and clients with a current and accurate diagnosis of many possible problems.

Infrared equipment provides imagery that is not visible to the naked eye, providing our technicians with an image of the current area depicting possible damage based on the visual output. The visual output of our infrared equipment shows variations in temperature that when analyzed show the potential water damage, mold contaminants, or other problems in a specific area.

Some aspects of damage that infrared equipment can detect are:

  • Structure Damage
  • Moisture or water damage from leaks
  • Structural defects from wear & tear
  • Electrical system problems

In order to avoid problems such as these, this imagery equipment should be used by our technicians in order to properly assess the damage possibilities within a property before they become a larger problem.

Indoor-Restore Infrared Inspection

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