Indoor-Restore’s mold inspection and certified mold testing services are conducted by licensed Cerritos, CA inspectors who are professionally trained to look for hidden and visible mold growth.

Located in the southeast corner of the greater Los Angeles area, the comfortable neighborhoods found in Cerritos, California enjoy refreshing ocean breezes. Smog, high Santa Ana winds, fog, and blistering summer heat are minimized in this city because of its proximity to the San Gabriel River, which flows out to the Pacific Ocean.

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With one of the highest Asian populations in the cities of Los Angeles County, Cerritos enjoys a multitude of large public buildings and parks. The Pat Nixon Park, which commemorates the former First Lady’s childhood home, now houses a beautiful senior center.  Trendy retail and auto shopping coexists with artsy and educational sites, such as the Cerritos Sculpture Garden and the nationally-recognized Cerritos Millennium Library. Locals and visitors can catch a musical production or theater performance at the elaborate Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts. Retail and sales tax profits fund a great deal of Cerritos’ large-scale projects. Many consumers come from outside the city limits to shop at the upscale Los Cerritos Shopping Center.

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Cerritos’ Whitney High School, a specialized school for high-performing students, is one of the top-ranked in the nation. United Parcel Service is the largest employer in the city, located in the light industrial and business area of Cerritos Industrial Park. All in all, Cerritos is a wonderful place to live with many opportunities. For professional environmental services for properties in the community, Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a great local mold testing business to utilize.


Our mold inspection and mold testing experts come from related backgrounds, such as construction or home inspection and repair services, and go through extensive mold inspection training. They know what to look for and where to look. We conduct testing for general indoor allergen air quality, and mold-specific testing services. We are proud to be nationally recognized by the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA). Our company begins at the root of a potential problem by looking for water leaks, staining, standing water, or moisture sources which may allow for mold growth. Even newer properties can have mold problems when the right conditions of moisture and temperature are present.

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A mold inspection with mold testing can be performed when you suspect mold is present, due to musty smell or physical evidences, or it can be conducted to rule out mold problems with a property you intend to purchase or one that you are maintaining. We conveniently come to your Cerritos property and conduct a series of indoor air quality sampling tests, as well as other mold testing techniques, to determine mold levels. We thoroughly inspect areas that are not commonly accessible, such as crawlspaces, and use Infrared Thermal Imaging tools to assess hidden areas for dampness.

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All samples that are gathered are sent to a third-party lab for identification. The visual mold inspection, together with scientific mold testing lab reports, forms the basis of our report. Complete mold inspection findings are presented to our clients. If mold removal is necessary, we can provide that service, as well. All costs and recommendations are presented up-front, and we guarantee that all your questions will be addressed.

Documented health risks concerning mold, from a variety of sources, indicate that professional services should be hired to work around such an environmental hazard. We hope that when mold inspection and mold testing services are required, you will contact your local Indoor-Restore technicians. 

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