To prevent health problems from occurring, contact a water damage and mold removal company as soon as signs of mold arise.

The city of Corona’s motto is “To Cherish Our Past, To Plan Our Future.” Founded in the late 1800s during a citrus boom, Corona has a rich history that is preserved by many citrus orchards and ranches. However, the development of this The Circle City is rapidly occurring. New houses, retail and commercial expansions, and office buildings are being constructed under a solid industrial foundation. Unfortunately, both old and new buildings are prone to hosting adverse molds under floors, behind walls, or in crawlspaces, with the high southern California temperatures and 70% average humidity and possible water damage.

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Mold can affect your health!

A high elevation of mold spores can affect your health which brings the urgency of mold removal and remediation services. Contact Indoor-Restore today.

Remove Mold Now

Water damaged areas are created by a combination of high temperatures and excessive moisture. Mold can cultivate in these areas, which can pose some serious health hazards. Your property and your health can be seriously affected. Water damage can weaken a building’s infrastructure, which can dangerously collapse during earthquakes. The San Jacinto earthquake fault directly runs through Corona, making the city earthquake-prone. Immune systems may be weakened or infected due to prolonged exposure to mold. Some molds release poisonous mycotoxins, which if inhaled or ingested, can lead to lung problems.


Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is experienced in mold removal. We identify and repair water damaged areas to prevent future mold growth. Special services, such as air purification, are also offered to purify the air from excess mold spores and allergens.

The mold removal and remediation procedure commences with a thorough evaluation of your property. Indoor-Restore sends accredited advisors to investigate for conspicuous molds or unusual odors. We also look into all tenant complaints. The purpose of this assessment is to locate specific areas where moisture problems and water damage may be imminent and instigating mold growth.








Indoor-Restore equips extensively prepared staff with the leading products for effective mold removal and water damage restoration. We concentrate on your specific property and use treatments that are safe and respectable. Our main objective is to completely eliminate mold and mildew from your equity and resolving any water damage, without disturbing anyone’s health. For your assurance of complete mold removal, Indoor-Restore uses a meticulous five-step protocol:

Contaminated areas are controlled and mold spores and allergens circulating in the air are trapped and removed by a HEPA filtration
All mold-infected and damaged objects in the area are removed from the property
Moldy areas are disinfected by a special biocide, which will also prevent future molds from cultivating
Areas are sealed in with an anti-fungal encapsulate
The property is decontaminated one last time for guaranteed mold removal and remediation

The final phase of Indoor-Restore’s mold removal and mold remediation procedure is a clearance test. Air and surface samples are taken after remediation and sent to a third-party laboratory for analyzing. Once the samples are processed and cleared, your property will officially be deemed mold-free.

Indoor-Restore strives for 100% customer satisfaction and 100% mold removal. We want our clients to be aware and comfortable with the treatments being performed inside their properties. Clients will be able to communicate with experienced, certified consultants for continual updates and answers to any questions they have. Molds are guaranteed to be removed and fully remediated by Indoor-Restore. In addition to that guarantee, a 10-year warranty on any mold removal service is offered to all clients.

Other services may also be offered to eliminate mold-related problems or odors. These include deodorization, anti-fungal treatments, and water damage restoration. An online Contact form is accessible on our website for easy contact to our customer representatives. A comprehensive list of our services is also on our website for your convenience.

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