Downey has weathered some tough times, and the last thing a Downey resident wants to worry about is whether or not the air in their home is clean and safe to breathe. Unfortunately, a mold problem can infiltrate any home, anytime if the conditions are right. Time to contact mold inspection and mold testing professionals!

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Mold grows in moist conditions. Many homes may have slow leaks in either the plumbing or the roofs that create ideal environments for a mold problem to flourish. These slow leaks create humid situations within walls, ceiling spaces, or crawlspaces and begin causing dry rot, which if left alone can cause irreparable damage to the building components of your home. Flooding events that are not completely dried can also create moist, humid conditions for a mold problem to grow.



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If a bathtub or toilet overflows, it may cause the drywall, underlayment, or other building materials to soak up water. In addition to damaging the building itself, the mold releases spores that can be dangerous to your health or the health of your family members. Every person reacts differently to breathing mold spores. Some people experience allergy-like symptoms such as red and itchy eyes, coughing, and breathing problems, while others may experience severe reactions that can be life-threatening. Individuals with compromised immune systems are at a much higher risk than those with healthy systems.


Young children and elderly adults are also at higher risk when exposed to mold spores. Whether you or your family members fall into the high risk category or not, it is still a good idea to make certain your indoor air is as clean as possible because some molds release harmful toxins into the air called mycotoxins that no one should breathe.

Even when the materials appear dry, the items may still be moist. Using dehumidifiers is the best way to dry the materials. To be completely sure everything is dry, requires a special moisture meter and a careful inspection to ensure mold growth does not cause damage,

Professional mold inspectors can determine if you have a mold problem, what kind of mold you have, and can test your building materials for moisture. Inspectors from Indoor-Restore regularly perform visual mold inspections, take air and material samples, and use moisture readings to ascertain the presence of mold in various Downey buildings.

Mold Inspection & Mold Testing in Downey, CA

Visual mold inspection of entire property & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing for Downey, CA home owners/renters.

Surface samples collected for third-party laboratory mold testing.

Complete, detailed report of inspector’s notes and lab results.

If you have any questions about our mold inspection and mold testing services, feel free to send us an email, submit a contact form, or speak with a representative. Our customer service department is well versed in the industry and can provide clarity on the array of mold inspection and mold testing techniques we offer Downey residents.

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