Please do not hesitate to contact us to assist you with your mold problems. It is our goal to resolve any/all mold growth issues for residents throughout the city of Norwalk with mold inspection and mold testing services

The community of Norwalk is a city founded in the 1950s and is home to the Shoshone in the West Coast’s earliest years of habitation and to farmers from the colonial days to the statehood of California. Norwalk grew in size, population, and economic activity around farming, and is today a largely suburban residential area south of downtown L.A. With the combination of older properties and the warm climate in Norwalk, it comes to no surprise that moisture issues are prevalent that lead to mold growth.

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Mold spores are part of our natural environment, and the common people are unfamiliar of its health effects. Mold growth occurs when there is a constant supply of moisture, and is usually caused by design or building defects, unsuccessful maintenance and property repairs, and a resident’s day-to-day activities. These sources of moisture can sprout from a leaking pipe, poor air circulation, and hidden water damage and water intrusion. Thus it is important to seek mold inspection services when mold exposure symptoms or moisture problems become aware.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services only has the well-being of Norwalk residents and their property protection in mind. Having served in the mold inspection and mold testing industry for over 20 years, we have seen the varying types of mold contamination that can affect any home, office, or commercial property.


If you believe that mold is growing or there is moisture issue then contact our company. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a professional mold inspection and mold testing company servicing Norwalk, with extended service coverage of the greater Los Angeles County communities. We are equipped to offer our mold inspection services at affordable and competitive prices. Inquire about our mold inspection prices today.

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With our mold inspection service you will receive expert examination of your property for suspect mold growth, building defects, wall discolorations, and odor detection. Our Norwalk mold inspection professional will discover any hidden moisture issues with the use of a digital moisture meter. This will provide the information needed to understand the current conditions and the source for mold growth.

Along with the visual inspection of the property, our Norwalk inspector will take air quality samples. These samples will be collected both indoor and outdoor for comparable mold spore counts. The results of this test will also determine if there is a high level of indoor mold spores that can/may negatively affect your health. Know that mold exposure affects individuals differently; more threatening to children and elderly with immune deficiencies.

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Call now to learn more about our mold inspection services!

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If suspect mold growth is visible, our mold inspection technician will collect surface samples of the contaminated area. There are several ways the inspector can collect the samples to be tested; swab, tape, or bulk sampling. These samples are not tested in-house (conflict of interest), but are sent to a third-party, accredited laboratory for analysis to determine the type of mold and its toxicity level.

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The notes of the mold inspector and results of the air quality testing and mold inspection sampling will be provided to you in a legal document. It is detailed mold report that will provide you a clear picture of the current mold growth and moisture situation. Our company will also provide you with any mold removal & mold remediation suggestions as necessary.

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