If in the event that mold is detected, it is vital to seek a local, professional mold removal company such as Indoor-Restore Environmental Services.

Elk Grove, California is a sprawling city South of Sacramento. It’s a beautiful area home to over 160,000 California residents and in 2004, was named the fastest growing city in the United States. Elk Grove was founded in 1850 and has since grown to be the second largest city in Sacramento County due to its beautiful weather and valuable real estate. Homes in Elk Grove are high in demand so having your property thoroughly inspected prior to selling or making a purchase will keep your family from harm’s way.

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No one project is the same!

With legal documentation of a mold report from an accredited laboratory and mold inspection company, we can provide you an accurate estimate for mold removal and mold remediation.

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Mold removal should not be taken lightly, as the onset of mold growth means there is a bigger problem that must be addressed. When dealing with properties in hot, humid-like climates such as that in Elk Grove, CA, moisture issues can be a home owner or renter’s worst nightmare. Poor air ventilation and excess moisture can be the root to your mold growth problem. In most cases, mold growth is not apparent and may grow under carpets, behind drywall, on wooden frames, or on any organic substance. The experts at Indoor-Restore have the educational background and experience to remedy any moisture issue and remove any mold contamination from your property.


We are Elk Grove’s leader in mold removal & mold remediation services!

Indoor-Restore treats properties to prevent future contamination

Our mold removal experts are annually certified and retrained

A 5-step mold removal protocol is used that adheres to standards

Clients will receive a Certificate of Clearance & 10-year warranty

Of course, water damage can sprout from any number of causes, not just humidity or climate. Poor weather can cause major water damage to your foundation and building materials leaving ample opportunity for mold to grow. Water damage can also be a result from leaking pipes, faulty toilets and sinks, or build up of moisture due to poor ventilation. Once a mold inspection by a certified, licensed company indicates that there are high levels of mold spores within your Elk Grove property, our mold removal experts will implement a plan to resolve the cause of the mold growth.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has been serving the Sacramento region for over 20 years. Our mold removal specialists understand the common issues faced among Sacramento's residents.


While mold itself is not toxic, some mold types can release toxic spores into the air; stachybotrys charaturm aka black mold. If mold is allowed to cultivate and release spores, then it can be harmful to those exposed if not properly extracted by a mold removal expert. Those with pre-existing respiratory issues or those with immune deficiency, such as children and the elderly, are a higher at risk for negative health effects. Not only can mold exposure weaken the health of our loved ones, but it can deteriorate building materials and cause major cosmetic damage.

Our mold removal services is warranted for 10 years!

Do not hesitate to contact Indoor-Restore Environmental Services. We have qualified, certified, and licensed mold removal consultants to address your concerns. Call  today to request an estimate, schedule an appointment, or have questions about the mold removal process.

Do not risk the chances of exposing your loved ones to mold spores. Be proactive when it comes to your Elk Grove property. Remember, mold often grows in places that are not visible and in areas we rarely check, which requires a professional company who is well versed in identifying, detecting, and eradicating mold contamination.

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