It is very important to have mold removal performed as soon as mold growth is suspected to protect your Sacramento property from future damage, yet more importantly to safeguard your health.

Sacramento is the capital of California and lies between the Sacramento River and the Northern River in California’s Central Valley. Adhering to a tropical climate with annual rainfall at around 19 inches and being an area very prone to flooding, Sacramento is prone to mold growth. Boasting a city filled with historical buildings such as the State Capital and Alkali Flat Central Historic District it comes to no surprise that possible mold growth is apparent in a city with warm, humid-like weather.

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Contact Indoor-Restore Environmental Services for an accurate cost to removal the mold from your Sacramento property. Each project scope is different and will require a thorough investigation.

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Mold growth can cause potential dangers to the structure of your property as well as our health. Those who have respiratory problems like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are prone to breathing problems when exposed to mold spores. Indoor-Restore works very hard to ensure our Sacramento client’s properties are safe from elevated mold spores.

To combat potential mold growth within your property it is imperative to schedule a thorough mold inspection. Our staff members are licensed and fully trained with close to 20 years of experience in the mold inspection and mold removal industry. Our Sacramento inspector will locate the areas that potentially have mold growth and will take spore samples both inside as well as outside of the property, while collecting surface samples of any suspect mold growth for identification via an independent laboratory.

Mold Removal Services Offered to Sacramento Residents

A containment chamber will be built to prevent spread of mold spores throughout the property
A High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter will remove the elevated mold spores from area
Mold contaminated materials will be carefully removed from area
Hospital-grade biocide will be applied to treat the project area
A sealant is used to prevent future water damage & mold growth

If the lab discovers the presence of mold, our mold removal technicians will work with you to perform a complete mold remediation of your property. We guarantee our mold removal and remediation services for 10 years so you will know that mold will not return once we remove it from the property.

The process of mold removal will be thoroughly explained to you by our licensed technicians so you will full understand the process on how our company eliminates mold and the costs involved.

The initial step of the process is to isolate the contaminated area with a containment chamber. This practice will prevent any contamination of mold spores during the mold removal process. The technician will then use a HEPA filtration system to filter out the elevated mold spores. The mold removal contractor will then remove all contaminated materials and address any water damaged areas. Once all areas have been removed, a hospital-grade biocide will be applied to the affected areas to disinfect and break down any remaining mold spores.

Note that a sealant may be used on wall boards or wall studs to ensure that mold will not be able to grow in the future. Once these steps have been completed, decontamination will proceed with the second use of the HEPA filtration system.

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After the mold remediation has been performed, the technician will collect and send final samples to an independent laboratory for testing. If the laboratory report results show that an acceptable level of mold spores is present then a Certificate of Clearance will be issued. This certificate confirms the mold removal process was successful.

Contacting a licensed professional is necessary when you suspect there may mold growth within your Sacramento property. Improperly treating mold can lead to more damage, and letting the professionals at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services take care of your potential mold problem is the safest route to go when combating potential mold growth and having mold removal performed on your property.

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