Living in Glendale makes us lucky in many ways. The beautiful, sunny weather and overall mild climate draws numerous “well-to-do’s” to the area. However, there is one slight drawback. The climate creates an array of opportunity for mold contamination within the home, which can turn a once happy, healthy home into one that puts your health at risk.

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There is no arguing that homeowners in Glendale are proud and have chosen this spot over various others for a plethora of reasons. The location makes it highly desirable for anyone who wants to live near downtown LA with close proximity to the ocean, to feel the fresh breeze, yet tucked away in its own corner of the world. Yes, Glendale is protected in many ways from the hustle and bustle of downtown LA, and when one chooses to live in Glendale they are seeking a safe haven. Getting a regular mold inspection and mold testing for possible mold contamination is important in helping you maintain and protect your safe haven.

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Unfortunately, there is no escaping this ubiquitous issue. Mold contamination is seen in both dry climates and in humid climates and Glendale sees them both. While this makes for a nice diversity in weather, it also makes houses in Glendale prime real estate for mold contamination. Whether you live in a new home or old, mold has ways of creeping in, and can remain quietly hidden from the naked eye.

Mold can enter and take over certain areas of your home in numerous ways such as a leaking pipe, insecure roofing and siding, or purely from lack of air circulation.

While many factors can contribute to mold contamination within the home, moisture is the primary cause. It is very common to have moisture intrusion remain unnoticed for a long period of time. One thing is certain, whatever the cause, Indoor-Restore is sure to locate it, get rid of it, or — even better — help you prevent it from occurring in the first place through a visual mold inspection & accredited mold testing.

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Indoor-Restore can conduct a mold inspection as well as thorough mold testing that combat any issues you may have. You may only have allergies, uncertain if your home is contaminated. Or perhaps you have visual damage, which should be assessed immediately. Either way, Indoor-Restore can customize the mold inspection and collection of mold testing samples to your specific property situation.

For more information regarding investigation and testing services provided by Indoor-Restore Environmental Services, visit the Mold Inspection & Testing page.

Pricing for these services is up-front, and includes all laboratory fees, as well as a full report that includes recommendations and estimates for additional repairs or remediation.

As a leader in their industry, and with over 20 years of experience, Indoor-Restore provides all clients with thorough, professional assessment, no matter how large or small.

If you have visual mold contamination in your home now is the time to take action. Excessive exposure to mold, or mold-contaminated objects, presents serious health risks to humans. Mold contamination can lead to poisoning, fungal infections, and allergies.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outline the numerous side effects mold contamination can have on their website. There are various other resources on the web that can help you realize the health risks that are involved in mold contamination exposure.


Indoor-Restore dispatches to any home, your office, or any other property type where a client has a concern. Do you have a storage unit or basement? These can be high-risk areas. Be alert! If you experience allergy-like symptoms when entering certain areas of your home or work, this could be a sign that mold is present.

Indoor-Restore wants you to live a happy, healthy life in Glendale. There are so many ways you can take control of your indoor environment, and mold protection is one of them. Indoor-Restore is an industry-certified and experienced mold inspection & mold testing company that can ensure that the quality of life you are living inside your home is the best it can possibly be. Because, let’s face it, living in Glendale is pretty nice, why let a little mold take that away from you?

Remember, a healthy home is a happy home!

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