Mold inspection & mold testing services are as necessary as a household plumber or electrician for making required repairs in your Burbank, CA property.

Burbank grew steadily in the early half of the 20th century as an aviation leader, culminating in an aviation boom during World War II. After the war, the city’s economy switched from airplanes to entertainment. Such a long history has resulted in a mix of older homes stemming back before World War II to the more suburban communities of the ‘60s and 70s. Many of the homes are now deteriorating and face serious mold problems.

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The city of Burbank, CA may be the working headquarters of movie stars and Conan O’Brien, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without its housing challenges. The real estate market is expected to soon make a recovery following the burst of the housing bubble a few years ago, but the city still lacks affordable housing that can keep up with the area’s declining economy, according to a recent report from the California Department of Housing and Urban Development.  With unemployment rates continuing to hover around 8 percent, the Great Recession has proved to be even worse than the economic downswing of the early ‘90s.


 A long term affordable housing shortage continues to plague the area, which has only been further dampened by the modest recovery the housing market has been able to make.

That leaves many working families scraping from the bottom of the barrel when it comes to housing. Certainly at odds with the city’s movie studio image, Burbank residents are often forced to live in deteriorated buildings that can be roach or rat infested. Many of these structures have leaky roofs, pipes and ventilation systems. Mold in household and rental units is not uncommon. Tenants may be suffering from asthma or allergies, that actually stem from mold problems, and not even know it. Residents often require routine mold inspection and mold testing services to ensure their own safety.

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More often than not, mold is invisible, lurking behind insulation, ceiling tiles, or under floorboards. That’s why professional mold inspection and mold testing is so critical. Otherwise, you’re simply guessing and hoping for the best. The only way to truly know if mold is present in a house is through advanced techniques like indoor air quality sampling, surface sampling, and laboratory tests.

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Mold isn’t just stinky and gross. It’s a serious health hazard. Symptoms of mold exposure typically include itchy eyes and throat, difficulty breathing or tightness in the chest, headaches, rashes, runny noses and sneezing fits.

If you are a tenant in Burbank concerned about mold conditions, the law is on your side. California’s “Toxic Mold Protection Act of 2001” sets state mandated permissible levels of mold exposure and requires the California Department of Health Care Services to develop identification and remediation standards for landlords. The law also requires landlords to tell tenants about any current mold conditions. Landlords are required to provide safe and habitable housing for their tenants. If toxic mold is present, the landlord is required to pay for the mold remediation.

One solid local choice for mold inspection and mold testing services is Indoor-Restore Environmental Services. The industry difference is our level of experience and certified employee training. Indoor-Restore has over 20 years of mold inspection and mold testing experience and features trained technicians that receive annual re-certification through an ongoing training process. Technicians often hold professional backgrounds in the mold inspection, mold testing, industrial hygiene, and microbiology industries.

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Indoor-Restore covers the complete gamut of mold inspection and mold testing services. We specialize in leak and moisture detection to identify the source of the water problem that feeds the mold. More than just a spot check, our company offers infrared scans to fully detect any water or mold problems. This guaranties all water problems have been addressed so the mold is gone for good.


We offer Burbank, CA residents a complete line of mold inspection and mold testing services, including swab sample mold testing, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) sampling, and infrared detection. We also offer mold remediation services and water damage restoration services. We feature leak assessment and emergency water extraction, whether it’s several feet of water or simply a few puddles.

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Indoor-Restore guarantees to get the job done right through routine clearance testing following any mold remediation. We sample the entire area to ensure the mold has been completely removed. Once the area has passed final mold inspection and mold testing, only then does it receive a Certificate of Clearance indicating that all mold is completely gone. Proof is in our warranty. Indoor-Restore features a 10 year warranty on all mold remediation services completed in Burbank. Thanks to a thorough and vigorous removal and remediation procedure, we can afford to offer one of the best warranties in the industry.

If you suspect a mold problem in your Burbank property, pick up the phone and contact Indoor-Restore today to learn more about our mold inspection and mold testing services. The longer you procrastinate, the more prevalent the mold becomes, escalating costs and health concerns. Even if you are not sure you have a mold problem, it’s a good idea to have a routine mold inspection and mold testing to spot issues before they become catastrophes. Leave issues as serious as your health to a professional. A clean and healthy living space is worth going the extra mile.

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