As a property manager, it is vital to know the condition of your clients’ property in order to minimize maintenance and repair costs, keep tenants comfortable so they continue to pay rent, and ultimately keep your client, the landlord, satisfied.  Indoor-Restore Environmental Services offers a variety of services which can allow property managers to easily stay on top of property damage and contamination concerns, allowing you to find potential hidden dangers before they turn in to a much more costly problem.

Tenants will not always notify property managers of, or even be able to identify, some major property concerns.  Our mold inspection and mold testing services are especially useful to property managers and homeowners alike.  Whether conducted regularly as a precaution, or because of an existing mold, water damage, or health concern, Indoor-Restore’s mold inspection and testing in-depth report can provide property managers profound insight on the physical state of a property, as well as if there are any hazards lurking in the breathable air.  Additional services by Indoor-Restore which property owners find useful include:

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections
Leak Detection and Moisture Testing
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing
Water Quality Testing
Waste/Sewer Water Testing
Soil Testing
Radon Gas Testing
Mold Remediation (10-Year Warranty)
Mold Prevention
Clearance Mold Testing and Certification
Air Purification
Odor Removal/Deodorization
Emergency Water Extraction
Waterproofing/Flood Protection

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services also has a history of servicing government facilities, as well as provides insurance claim filing assistance for property owners.