Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has serviced several government facilities over its years in business for testing, remediation, indoor air quality (IAQ), water damage, and other property damage situations. Ranging from single-floor locations to multi-story buildings with hundreds of thousands of square feet, some of our Federal and State Government clients include:

United States Department of Defense
United States Postal Service
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
United States Department of the Interior
The State Bar of California
United States Forest Service

Indoor-Restore’s protocols allow our technicians to perform services quickly and discretely in order to avoid alarming and interrupting employees working within facilities.  Before, during, and after our services are performed, we can work directly with facility management and maintenance to report detailed information and updates every step of the way.  Information disclosed, whether up-front or in our detailed reports, is only issued to authorized persons, of which written approval is required from the client for each.  On top of this, Indoor-Restore’s protocols exceed industry standards set forth by leading organizations in the mold and IAQ industries.

It is our mission to provide a continuing plan to ensure that government employee environments are free from the various indoor contaminants that can impact health and property conditions.