Whether you own a residential property or are currently in the process of purchasing your first home, it is our recommendation that you concern yourself with the state of the property. There has been the notion that homeowners tend to evade the issue of regular maintenance or investigate hidden damage, perhaps due to the financial responsibility involved, and only take a reactive approach when there is an obvious problem; resulting in a more costly venture. Don’t wait for a problem to arise.

Here at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services we understand that ownership requires a reasonable amount of time and consideration to address common structural issues. If you are unsure where to begin know that we can assist you with proactive methods of property inspections and laboratory testing when dealing with indoor air quality (IAQ) issues, addressing water damage concerns, or identifying mold contamination. Be informed that our remediation services work hand-in-hand with our proactive methods. After an inspection, you will be provided with a detailed report, and possibly a guide for remediation.

It is our mission to provide all homeowners a healthy living environment by detecting problematic sources such as excess moisture and humidity concerns. If damage has occurred in your property, know that our staff members can assist you with submitting an insurance claim to determine if your policy is covered with water and/or mold circumstances.

Join the movement to actively perform regular maintenance by building a check-list that focuses on cleaning HVAC filters, testing smoke detectors, checking water quality, analyzing indoor air quality, etc.