In the real estate industry, the needs of the client come first as you assist in finding a property that best firsts their price and terms. Many home buyers are unfamiliar with proper procedures and have trouble making decisions so they turn to you as their trusted source of information. You may not realize that your suggestions and referrals are highly considered, and your reputation is on the line if the property presented has poor environments.

There are a variety of hidden property conditions that may affect the health of a client’s family that may not be detected within the scope of a home inspection. These aspects include possible air pollutants, mold contamination, presence of lead based paint, asbestos fibers in construction material, and other hazardous materials. Such assessment and analysis can be performed by our organization. Our professional inspectors can work closely with your concern and your clients’ concern before closing.

It is important to demonstrate to your client that you care about finding them their dream home in a safe environment. Through your referrals you are providing them the educational tools to save the headaches down the road and to protect their health, which will in turn boost your reputation and word-of-mouth marketing.