Whether you own a residential property or are currently in the process of purchasing your first home, it is our recommendation that you concern yourself with the state of the property. There has been the notion that homeowners tend to evade the issue of regular maintenance or investigate hidden damage, perhaps due to the financial [...]

Government & Education

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has serviced several government facilities over its years in business for testing, remediation, indoor air quality (IAQ), water damage, and other property damage situations. Ranging from single-floor locations to multi-story buildings with hundreds of thousands of square feet, some of our Federal and State Government clients include: [fontawesome icon="chevron-sign-right" circle="no" size="small" iconcolor="#d47828" [...]


As homeowners are well aware, one of the burdens of being an owner, as opposed to a tenant, is that you are the one responsible for managing all necessary maintenance and repairs, whether basic or in emergency situations.  Floods, fires, mold, and damage to significant structural components can be a property owner’s worst nightmare.  However, [...]

Property Managers & Landlords

As a property manager, it is vital to know the condition of your clients’ property in order to minimize maintenance and repair costs, keep tenants comfortable so they continue to pay rent, and ultimately keep your client, the landlord, satisfied.  Indoor-Restore Environmental Services offers a variety of services which can allow property managers to easily [...]


In the real estate industry, the needs of the client come first as you assist in finding a property that best firsts their price and terms. Many home buyers are unfamiliar with proper procedures and have trouble making decisions so they turn to you as their trusted source of information. You may not realize that [...]


Mold is an environmental hazard that is a common concern among renters. As a tenant you are entitled to a habitable property that complies with state codes and health regulations. It's always important to be knowledgeable on the subjects related to property damage and your health, and know your rights as a tenant based on [...]

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