As homeowners are well aware, one of the burdens of being an owner, as opposed to a tenant, is that you are the one responsible for managing all necessary maintenance and repairs, whether basic or in emergency situations.  Floods, fires, mold, and damage to significant structural components can be a property owner’s worst nightmare.  However, even seemingly minor concerns such as a leak under the sink or a couple of damaged roof shingles can create a hazardous (and expensive!) property damage situation, especially if undetected for some time.  Hopefully you at least have a homeowner’s insurance policy to cover concerns such as these.  Though, even in an event where your insurance policy states you are covered, the process can still be an agonizing situation as getting your insurance company to pay for repairs, let alone filing the claim, is not the easiest thing in the world to understand and the problem does not disappear overnight.At Indoor-Restore Environmental Services, our professional Project Coordinators provide assistance to homeowners in filing their insurance claim when mold and other property damage troubles arise, working with you and your insurance agent directly.  As experts in the field, we can provide you more insight on what to expect during the insurance claim filing process, and give your insurance provider the information they need based on your specific property damage situation to resolve things in an efficient manner, carrying the weight on our shoulders for you, our client.

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