For mold removal work (also known as mold remediation), Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a local company to keep in mind.

Located in Los Angeles County, lovely Glendora is located at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains and boasts a long history. Founded in 1887, it was named by combining the name Dora (the founder’s wife) with a description of where they lived (a glen). As an affluent Los Angeles suburb, the city includes a number of golf courses, estates, and private homes. The downtown has changed considerably since its early years of movie houses and theatres into modern office complexes and stores.

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We offer expert mold removal

With over 20 years in the environmental industry, you can place your trust in Indoor-Restore Environmental Services for your mold removal & mold remediation needs.

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After coming to your property and performing a thorough inspection, Indoor-Restore mold removal technicians go to work to completely and professionally handle the mold removal at the site. Our employees go through extensive and certified training procedures to make sure that they can perform the mold removal that you require. Every property is different, and treatment is customized to meet your needs, but our company does follow best-of-industry practices to give you our 5-step method as follows.







The 5-step protocol for mold removal and remediation includes:

The work area is isolated to ensure that mold particles and airborne mold spores are contained and a HEPA filter is used to ensure no mold escapes into uncontaminated areas.

When mold removal occurs, our experts remove any contaminated building materials and handles them safely and properly disposes those materials.

A biocide is applied which kills any remaining or potential mold growth and prevents future growth.

An anti-fungal encapsulate is applied to hygienically seal the area subject to mold removal.

Final HEPA vacuuming and decontamination is ensured and a clearance test will certify that the area is found to be mold-free.


We invite you to give Indoor-Restore Environmental Services a try when mold problems come your way.

Glendora area residents are encouraged to contact us at Indoor-Restore if you have questions about our mold removal and remediation services. We handle everything from start to finish and provide the reassurance that professionals are taking care of this highly toxic work project. Our nationally-recognized professional certifications and attention to customer detail ensure that your expectations are exceeded. The health and well-being of the citizens of Glendora is the overall mission of our company.

Mold Removal Services for Glendora, CA Residents!

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