Located directly on the Pacific Ocean, Huntington Beach is a popular tourist destination. For those fortunate enough to live or work in Huntington Beach, concerns about dampness and mold may seem remote. However, the area’s direct proximity to damp ocean conditions and fog cannot be minimized.

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Make sure you are safe on your property.

When our work is finished, we provide you with a certificate of clearance which is your guarantee of work performed and is backed by our ten year warranty.

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Take a walk into the popular Hollister clothing store anywhere around the country, and you have a pretty clear idea of what is happening at that moment in Huntington Beach, California. Live cameras capture the legendary and consistent surf located by the Huntington Beach Pier, further cementing this city’s claim as “Surf City USA”. “Surf City Nights” is an enjoyable way to spend a summer evening with its farmer’s market and other activities.


Huntington Beach’s major employer, Boeing, has been involved in the U.S. space program over the years. During the city’s historic agricultural period, Holly Sugar was a major employer, producing sugar from local sugar beets. The city has a history of oil as a natural resource, including major onshore and offshore production. This has slowed over the years, but still provides income for the city, although tourism continues to thrive. Beautiful beach weather tends to prevail in Huntington Beach’s mild climate. 

Overcast, foggy conditions can occur in early summer, especially June. Wetland reserves are included in the city limits and are popular for bird-watching, walking, and photography. A drive down Beach Boulevard provides a first-hand experience in Southern California beach living and culture.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a fine local mold removal and remediation resource to help with that concern.  To give an idea of our thorough multi-step mold removal and remediation process, let’s take a look at each important step.

The 5-step protocol for mold removal and remediation is as follows:

Negative Air
Removal of mold-infected materials
Biocide treatment
Encapsulation sealant
Decontamination of the contained environment


The peace of mind that a healthy living environment gives you is beyond price. Our services give you the knowledge that your living spaces are certified as mold-free. This confidence allows you to enjoy your time in the beautiful, coastal sunshine of the Huntington Beach area.










When actual mold removal and remediation begins, we will seal off the contaminated area to ensure that no clean areas are affected by the mold removal. When we seal off the work area with plastic, we create a vacuum, essentially a clean room, negative air environment, and vacuum out airborne mold particles through a HEPA filter. The filtering is done at various stages throughout the mold removal process to ensure airborne mold spores are contained and eliminated. At this point in the mold removal process, mold-infested items are removed.  This may include drywall, carpeting, furniture, clothing, lumber, or other items.  Next, we decontaminate any remaining studs or unaffected nearby materials with anti-fungal biocide treatment. An encapsulant sealer is applied, as well, which creates a moisture-resistant barrier for the future. The plastic-enclosed work area is thoroughly decontaminated. The final step is your assurance of our confident 10-year mold removal and remediation guarantee. We perform clearance testing through our third-party lab. Once the swabs and air samples come back as clean, we issue you a certificate of clearance.

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