With its highly educated and environmentally-aware population, Irvine, California is a great location for the comprehensive services we provide at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services. To elaborate on our local services, let us introduce you to our mold removal and remediation techniques. Whether you are experiencing a mold problem now or in the future, an informed and professional approach to the problem is our expertise.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is nationally-certified and conducts extensive training for all technicians.

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Irvine, California, a planned and beautifully maintained city, has consistently earned top honors for being a great place to live. Planned “villages”, surrounded by ample landscaping, greenery, neighborhood parks, and open spaces, give a spacious, unique feel to this Los Angeles-area city. With its many beautiful campuses, such as UC Irvine, Pepperdine, and other prestigious universities in the area, Irvine, CA attracts top students from many parts of the country.  In fact, the area was designed around the UCI campus, which prompted development of the entire city.

Held as a privately-owned ranch by the Irvine family for many years, the city was established and incorporated only since the early 1970’s. A large Asian, predominately Vietnamese, population settled here in the 1970’s, following the Vietnam War. With the educational focus of the area, it comes as no surprise that UCI is the major employer in Irvine, CA. A high percentage of residents have doctoral degrees. Affluence is evidenced by the highly-specialized and high tech business parks in the area. Irvine also has a thriving filming industry and has been the set for many films or parts of films, including Ocean’s Eleven and Iron Man.

Mold removal and remediation is a complicated process that involves safeguarding one’s health at each step of the way. The effect of high mold concentrations on human health has been well-documented. For health reasons, it is recommended that a professional business does all the work. Not all mold removal and remediation companies are the same, but local Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is nationally-certified and conducts extensive training for all technicians. The mold removal and remediation process is complex and extremely methodical.


Since mold reproduces in an airborne fashion, we make sure all infected areas are partitioned off and air is filtered from the area, using HEPA filtering. This creates a negative air, or vacuum, environment. Once the mold removal and remediation work area is isolated, we begin to remove affected mold-tainted materials. Nearby materials that do not contain mold are decontaminated with a biocide and encapsulant sealer material is applied to form a water-resistant barrier. We constantly keep the air vacuumed in the work area, so no mold spores escape, but are being continuously filtered from the contaminated area. This means the contained area is completely decontaminated from any mold residues.

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When our mold removal and remediation work is finished, we do extensive sampling and lab clearance and provide you with a certificate of clearance. This certificate is your guarantee of work performed and is backed by our ten year mold removal warranty. Once you are satisfied and the mold removal work areas are cleaned up, we leave you with a mold-free living area. This is a huge relief for you in terms of health concerns related to mold.

We stride to provide convenient, consistent service to the Irvine area. The beautifully designed outdoor spaces of Irvine are complemented by secure and healthy indoor spaces, as well. We invite you to try our local professional services, either now or at a future time.

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