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La Verne, California was founded in 1887, following the occupation of the Spanish and Native Americans before them. The economy of the community during the early 1900s was largely influenced by the citrus industry, which included oranges, grapefruit, and lemons. However, in the 1940s an indication of change in the form of a mysterious sickness came to La Verne. The citrus trees ceased to grow normally. Soon most of the trees were affected with no cure. What became known as “The quick decline,” marked the end of the citrus economy, and the beginning of housing developments. Citrus groves were sold for housing developments.

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Today, La Verne has more than 30,000 residents and still maintains a very large residential presence along with the University of La Verne, public and private schools, and Brackett Airport. As with many homes in Southern California, La Verne buildings need to be carefully monitored for the presence of mold. Mold growth can occur in just about any environment where there is moisture.


Damp, moist environments within the home can occur without the homeowner’s knowledge through a variety of circumstances such as water leaks. A slow leak in a plumbing line can saturate building materials over time and become a hotbed for mold growth. An unknown slow roof leak can also soak the wood sheathing, structural components, and insulation leading to significant mold growth.

When mold does begin to grow on building materials, it begins to break down the materials rendering them useless and even dangerous. However, the greatest risk from mold growth is not to the building but to its occupants.

Some people experience mild allergic-like reactions when they are exposed to mold spores, while others may experience severe, life-threatening reactions. Symptoms for mild reactions can range from red, itchy eyes to a persistent cough. Deadly reactions may include trouble breathing or even eventual death. People with compromised immune systems, very young and older people, and people with breathing ailments such as asthma are at higher risk and should take every precaution to avoid mold spore exposure.

Visual mold inspection of entire property & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing with variable outdoor air quality testing.

Surface samples collected for third-party laboratory mold testing.

Complete, detailed report of inspector’s notes and lab results.

The best protection for you and your family is detection and prevention through mold inspection and laboratory mold testing. Detecting mold can be difficult without the proper tools and training. You may have overflowed the bathtub and believing you cleaned up the water thoroughly put it out of your mind not knowing the drywall and wood were still wet. If they remain moist, it is the perfect environment for mold to grow. It can grow within your walls or under you floor where you cannot see it. The best way to detect mold is to hire mold inspection and mold testing experts.

The experts at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services can help you detect the mold in your La Verne home and help you prevent future growth episodes. Certified with annual re-certifications with the Indoor Environmental Association, our mold inspection and mold testing inspectors are experts in their field who utilize the latest state-of-the-art sampling and mold inspection techniques.

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The mold inspection process begins with a visual assessment of the property. The focus will be on the area(s) of concern, yet our mold inspection specialists will thoroughly inspect the property for potential issues, and will notate findings during the procedure. Collection of suspect mold will occur through either swab, tape, or bulk samples which is sent to a third-party laboratory for mold testing. The results of the lab analysis will identify the types of mold present; hopefully no toxic black mold.

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Indoor air quality (IAQ) testing will be performed with comparable outdoor air quality to determine if elevated mold spores are present within the property. In most cases, elevated mold spores trigger asthma attacks, allergy symptoms, coughing, irritation, and discomfort. This will also be sent to our partnered laboratory for mold testing services.

The information collected from the mold inspection and the results of the mold testing will be presented in a legal report document that will outline your property’s environmental condition and a mold remediation estimate, if necessary.

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