Put your trust in a company that has nearly 20 years of industry mold inspection and mold testing experience, and is a leader in mold control, moisture problem and indoor air quality management.

Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit, was named by horticulturalist Solomon Gates in 1875. He entered a contest to name the new city and his entry was chosen even before there were commercial fruit plants grown in the area. Since that time, Pomona has grown to be the seventh largest city in Los Angeles County with a few more roads and communities, not the goddess of fruit production that Mr. Gates envisioned. What Pomona has become is a “Vibrant-Safe-Beautiful” community with a wide variety of activities available, whether you visit the Fairplex for the L.A. County Fair, or drag racing at the Auto Club Raceway.

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Pomona also has great weather much of the year, and most people would think that mold can’t grow under such conditions, but they would be mistaken. Mold grows wherever there is a moisture problem and, unless you live on Mars, you may have mold growing in your home.   Many people also mistakenly think that since they keep a very clean and tidy home, that mold won’t invade their living spaces. Unfortunately, most people realistically can’t clean behind walls, under floors or behind pipes, and it is there that mold grows and thrives.

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You probably have come to this website because you suspect you have mold in your Pomona residence, or you have unexplained allergies, or health issues, that you heard could be caused by mold.

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The only way to know if you have mold, or other indoor allergen problem, is to bring in the mold inspection experts from Indoor-Restore Environmental Services. Indoor-Restore has the mold inspection expertise to inspect your Pomona home for mold or other environmental problems, collect mold testing samples, show you the results of those tests, and provide expert advice on how the mold problem should be treated.

Put your trust in a mold inspection company that has an established mold detection and abatement training program, recognized industry-wide. You put your trust in a company with mold testing inspectors that are certified through the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA), and with the mold inspection expertise and training to effectively conduct mold and allergen sampling, moisture problem testing, leak detection and other necessary condition assessment services at your home. Finally, you put your trust with a mold inspection and mold testing company that is highly rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). So it is fairly obvious that you can put your trust in Indoor-Restore Environmental Services.

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Whether you live in Phillips Ranch, or the Phillips Mansion, mold can be a concern and proper moisture problem detection is key. Mold often can’t be seen because it grows within walls, under floors or carpets, and thrives anywhere there is moisture problem. Most people don’t know if they have a leaky pipe behind the wall, or standing water under their foundation. Many homes have problems with their basic construction that leads to mold. Some of our inspectors come from tradesman backgrounds such as construction and home inspection, and they have the experience to find out why there is a musty or moldy smell coming from the wall, or if there might be a pipe that is dripping where you can’t see it, using a variety of tools.

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The tools Indoor-Restore uses during a mold inspection and mold testing service depends upon the type of mold problem suspected. For instance, air sampling detects airborne contaminants such as mold spores, which can be poisonous, and which can either be inhaled or can come into contact with the skin, triggering adverse allergic reactions. We may also use thermal imaging during a mold inspection, which is a tool that detects the differences in heat inside walls. This helps us to “see” areas that may have moisture problem embedded within the wall, which points the way to water intrusion or poor construction.

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Once a mold and moisture problem is detected, treatment comes next, and Indoor-Restore is again the one to turn to. We start with containment of the affected area to keep mold out of other areas of your home. The affected areas are then repaired through removal of the mold and with controlled disposal of the contaminated materials. Finally, we will provide insurance claims assistance to ensure your out-of-pocket expenses are minimized.

As you can see, Indoor-Restore is the mold inspection company to trust and the mold testing company to turn to when you suspect mold growth or a moisture problem.

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