Mold exposure can cause or exasperate a myriad of health problems. To protect yourself and your family from this health hazard, you need to know if you have mold growing on your property through professional mold inspection and mold testing.

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Mold loves these types of atmospheres. Some common hidden sources of moisture infiltration may result from leaking faucets, leaks under your sink, roof leaks, plumbing leaks within your walls or ceiling or crawlspace, window leaks, and virtually anywhere else water can infiltrate.  

Sometimes it is obvious; you may see it growing in your basement or under your bathroom sink. However, much of the time you cannot see any evidence of growth. 

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It may be growing inside your walls, in your attic, in your crawlspace, or in your duct system.  Once spores reach your HVAC duct system, the problem can become much more severe. The invisible spores can be spread throughout your house or facility when air moves through the supply and return ducts.

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Moisture is the primary cause of mold growth. Although the climate in Ontario is not typically humid, it is not unusual for there to be an unknown water problem within the property. Such moisture problems can result from a small leak somewhere that is not invasive enough to be obvious. For example, you may have a roof leak that only lets in enough water to create a humid environment between your ceiling and roof, but not enough to show visual evidence of the problem.

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Ontario is a historic area with a mixture of older buildings and newer buildings. Older buildings tend to have more issues that create leaks simply because most structures are built of organic materials, which do not last forever. Older roofs and pipes need special care and maintenance, but even then there are the occasional water damage events that require professional methods of repair to ensure there is no moisture left behind for mold or mildew to grow.


Newer buildings are less likely to need the level of repair and maintenance that an older structure requires; however, new construction seals buildings so thoroughly that they cannot breathe. It is extremely important that new construction is carefully monitored for mold growth. It is typical for construction materials to have mold spores on them when they are installed. Once a little moisture is introduced, mold can quickly grow and spread throughout the entire building.

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These situations often lead to mold problems because building components are not completely dried following the cleanup of the standing or visual water. To eliminate the propensity of mold growth, the wood, drywall, and other materials must be thoroughly dried – a mold inspection and mold testing process that usually requires special equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers.

If you suspect an indoor contamination, the first thing you need to do is to contact a company that is experienced and certified to conduct mold testing and mold inspection services. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has nearly 20 years of experience in the indoor air quality (IAQ) industry and all of our mold inspection specialists are fully trained and certified. You should only hire a mold inspection company with a proven background of professionalism and positive customer feedback.

When you call one of our professionally certified inspectors to perform a mold inspection and testing, they will conduct a full assessment of your property, which may include mold and allergen sampling, leak detection, moisture testing, and a visual mold inspection. The findings, if found, will be outlined in a comprehensive report for you, as well as the test results, and will provide recommendations for eliminating the contamination; allowing you to make an informed decision.

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We understand that you would rather be shopping at Ontario Mills or taking a tour of the Graber Olive House than worrying about mold. Let us take that worry away, so you can enjoy the day with your family at the Ontario Museum of History and Art, or get some Sun at the Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park knowing you’ll come home to a mold-free house.


Our mold inspection experts will take care of your home environment, so you and your family can enjoy a show at the Ontario Improv or experience the Ontario Convention Center. Fill your life with the good things, and let us help you have a sense of safety in your own home.

The most important reason to eliminate mold exposure is your health. Breathing in mold spores can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and many other health problems.

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