Indoor-Restore Environmental Services offers a ten year warranty on all mold removal and mold remediation services on your property.

Lancaster is a city, located in the Antelope Valley, in the western part of the Mojave Desert.  The San Gabriel Mountains lie to the south, separating it from the Los Angeles Basin, and the Tehachapi Mountains lie to the north.  Lancaster became a bedroom community for the Greater Los Angeles Area. 

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The climate is semi-arid; almost desert-like in some places, with warm temperatures throughout the year. There is limited rainfall but thunderstorms may occur from July to September.  Flooding, especially flash floods, are a constant hazard.  Although Lancaster has a drier climate than most American cities, mold infestation is not uncommon here.  Lancaster has experienced several building booms when many workers moved in to fill industrial job positions. It was boom and bust.  Some buildings became vacant, when businesses moved out.

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Lack of maintenance and flood damaged buildings, which were not properly repaired, especially in times of economic uncertainty, have contributed to a mold infestation problem.

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Indoor-Restore will carry out a visual examination of the property, accompanied by a digital moisture meter, to determine the source of water/moisture. If moisture is not eliminated, then it will be impossible to get rid of the mold infestation, since mold thrives in a moist environment.


After locating all sources of water and eliminating them, Indoor-Restore will then take air and surface samples from the areas where mold infestation was detected.  This will determine the presence of any mold infestation.  If flooding is the problem, we can do an emergency water removal, by utilizing specialized industry standard water extraction equipment.  We will then initiate a dry out and dehumidification over several days, in order to remove all moisture from the structure as part of the mold removal and mold remediation process.

Office buildings in Lancaster use air conditioning throughout the year, due to the high temperatures. The difference in temperature between outdoor air flow and indoor air flow, combined with the lack of proper insulation and moisture barriers, causes condensation. Indoor-Restore will also inspect building air flow and ventilation, suggesting specific actions to be taken, so that trapped moisture can be eliminated.

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Our mold removal process includes a remediation containment, which is the construction of barriers to prevent cross-contamination of unaffected areas of the property, is the first thing which we will do, after we have established the presence of mold.  The next step is the controlled mold removal and disposal of contaminated materials such as carpets and padding, drywall, furniture, clothing, books etc. If they can be properly cleaned then we will do so. During this mold removal process, we use HEPA to continuously filter out allergens, dust, mold spores and other contaminants which become airborne during the cleaning process.

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The work area is also deodorized to neutralize odors from the mold infestation and water damage.  Next, all contaminated hard surfaces must be cleaned and decontaminated.  Anti-fungal treatments and disinfectants are then applied to the work area to prevent future contamination.  An encapsulant will be applied to surfaces to prevent contact with air and moisture, thereby decreasing the chance of future mold infestation.  One final HEPA treatment will purify the air and remove any remaining spores, contaminants and allergens.

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Learn more about our mold removal process by contacting us today!

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