Utilizing Indoor-Restore Environmental Services’ mold remediation expertise can give you peace of mind knowing that your Palmdale property will be safe from environmental health hazards.

The city of Palmdale, California prides itself on the diverse families that flock here to settled down. As of 2013, there were over 152,000 residents that considered this city home. The family oriented and accepting attitude of the local culture continues to make this city one that attracts newcomers.

For existing home owners, renters and business owners in the city, it is important to look for signs of mold or mildew. The key components that contribute to mold are heat, time and moisture. California’s climate certainly contributes to the humidity needed for mold to start and grow. It’s not just humidity that creates these conditions. Heat and moisture can come from a great deal of places such as leaks in the roof, windows, or a leaky pipe. Not all mold is dangerous. 


In fact, mold spores are floating through the air at all times, both inside and outside your home or business. What becomes a problem is when there is a large number of mold spores in the air or when mold releases mycotoxins. These mycotoxins are harmful and possibly deadly if inhaled by those with existing health problems over an extended period of time.

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Indoor-Restore employs experienced mold remediation specialists with almost 20 years of experience and training.

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Signs or symptoms of mold with mycotoxins include:

Visual mold on the walls or ceilings
Runny nose, ongoing congestion, fits of uncontrolled sneezing
Swollen, itchy, or watery eyes
Tightness in the chest, wheezing, shortness of breath
Chronic coughing
Sore or scratchy throat
Itchy, irritated skin-unexplained rash
Chronic and/or severe headaches

These symptoms would be especially noticeable in toddlers, infants, elderly people, or those with asthma or other existing respiratory issues.

Protecting your health and that of your family/collegues is top priority and the very reason you should call the professional mold remediation specialists of Indoor-Restore. Our certified professionals will conduct a complete inspection to uncover any mold inside the building. This will take approximately 45 minutes depending upon the size of the building. Samples are taken and sent to a third party laboratory in order to determine if mycotoxins are indeed present. If that is the case then a complete mold remediation plan is set up.


Indoor-Restore Environmental Services, with our almost 20 years of professional experience, is the leading expert company in detecting mold contamination and remediation. Remediation is the process of removing mold from an inside location in a safe and effective manner. In order to avoid cross-contamination to other parts of the building or having the problem return, mold remediation should be handled by experienced and trained professionals.

Our specialists follow a strict 5 Key Protocol that insures your building is safe and ready to resume business or home life in a timely manner.

This 5 Key Protocol includes:

Containment of affected areas/HEPA filtration and negative pressure vacuum: The room/affected area is encapsulated in plastic before placing a Hepa filtration device inside to create negative pressure and an environment in which no mold spores can escape into other parts of the building.
Removal and proper disposal of damaged material: All drywall, carpet, or other components that were affected are disposed of properly. Any remaining particles are removed via Hepa vacuum.
Treatment of affected areas with hospital grade biocide, or green treatment: This special treatment disinfects any surface areas that remain, including the wall cavity.
Sealing the work areas with an antifungal encapsulate: We are essentially painting on a sealant which contains anti-mold properties. It will assist in preventing any future mold problems.
Clearance certification: A final decontamination process of the plastic contained area and all of the surfaces takes place. A test is run to verify that all mold spores have been eliminated before the complete cleanup takes place. Our Certificate of Clearance is presented once our tests conclude that the area is free of mold spores.

Other items that can be addressed by our company include:

Working directly with your insurance company claims department
Working with you during non-business hours in order to resolve your mold or water damage
Air treatment and purification- Running a complete treatment during the mold remediation process in order to remove not only mold spores but other allergens as well
Deodorization of the affected area in order to neutralize the musty, mold smell
Reconstructing/restoring the affected areas so that once the drywall, carpet, etc. have been removed, the room will look much like it did prior to the mold remediation process

Mold spores are floating through the air at all times but what becomes a problem is when there is a large number or mold spores in the air or when mold releases mycotixins. These mycotoxins are harmful and possibly deadly if inhales by those with existing health problems.

Indoor-Restore employs experienced mold remediation specialists with almost 20 years of experience and training. Our experience, topped with our 10 year warranty, makes us the leading mold remediation company and we are happy to serve the Palmdale area.

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