When you’re worried about mold infesting your LAX property, don’t let your reputation fall. Call the licensed mold inspection pros at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services!

A lot of travelers fear catching an illness while traveling abroad, but few realize the dangers closer to home. Flying in airplanes is a common way to travel these days, and most of travel arrangements are made through LAX. Given the poor air quality of airports, due to gases and toxins emitted from airplanes, mixed with the moisture and warm weather in Los Angeles, it’s possible for mold growth to occur. It’s not uncommon for airports like LAX to develop mold problems, which can potentially cause symptoms in unknowing travelers.

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While enjoying a vacation getaway, the last thing a guest wants to worry about is mold lurking in the bathroom, air vents, behind walls and beneath floors. Depending on the quality of the hotel, the possibility of mold could be high. LAX Hotels that lack proper maintenance could easily fall prey to mold growth, especially when leaks aren’t fixed quickly or air conditioning vents aren’t regularly cleaned out. Health concerns can arise when staying in a hotel room that hasn’t been properly cleaned. It’s important to read reviews of past guests and check ratings before booking a room in any hotel.

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In order to get rid of mold, a licensed professional should be contacted. At Indoor-Restore Environmental Services, our experts provide quality mold inspection and mold removal services for owners of single and multi-unit properties. Those who own hotels, motels and even an airport can use the mold remediation services that we offer. With our 20 years of experience in Los Angeles, we can provide you with a complete package that involves air quality testing, mold inspection, mold testing and proper mold removal.

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When your LAX property consists of mold, you put your guests and employees at risk. Other than facing legal repercussions, it can also lower the rating of your business. In order to ensure the safety of the guests in your property and your reputation, it’s a good idea to have a mold inspection performed regularly. It’s also a good idea to have a mold inspection done when there is extensive water damage or a consistent small leak.

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Sometimes, mold growth isn’t seen. In a lot of cases, mold grows beneath and behind materials, making it hard to detect. Other than smelling a moldy odor or spotting black or green growth, there’s no way to locate mold on your own. There have been instances where health problems arise that are unexplainable, which are later linked to mold. Symptoms that may occur include sneezing, asthma flare-ups, wheezing, coughing, skin rashes, tightness in chest and respiratory problems.

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Mold Inspection Services for LAX Property Owners!

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Getting rid of mold is what Indoor-Restore Environmental Services specializes in. Our process is very thorough and transparent, allowing you to know what’s going on every step of the way. First, we perform a visual mold inspection of your property. Air quality tests are taken from the inside and outside of your LAX property for comparisons. Any mold found will be collected and samples will be sent to a third-party lab that will run tests. Once confirmation is given of the type of mold, we will provide you with a full mold inspection report on what was found and what steps you should take next to remediate the problem. Our mold remediation services are available and come with Certificate of Clearance, which confirms your property is now mold-free. You will also receive a warranty that lasts 10 years.

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