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A lot of people visit and relocate to Santa Monica, California because it’s a beachfront community with great weather. It is located in Los Angeles County and is bordered by Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Venice and West Los Angeles, giving easy access to popular destinations where Hollywood celebrities are often spotted.


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In the city’s early years, Santa Monica, California sparked the interest of people to venture into the city due to the amusements offered, such as the Pacific Electric Railroad. Eventually, Asian Americans started to populate the area. There was a Japanese fishing village built near the Long Wharf. This fishing village was a part of the great economic growth of the town during the early 20th century. Today, the Santa Monica Pier, which was built in 1909, draws in a lot of local and international visitors. It boasts the La Monica Ballroom (once the biggest ballroom in America), as well as a carousel called the Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome.

If you experience endless allergies or suspect musty odors throughout your property, then it may be time to consider a mold inspection and indoor air quality testing!

Santa Monica’s environment can make big problems for property owners with possible water damage that leads into mold growth. Mold grows and thrives in warm, wet climates. Residences and businesses that have a roof leak during the rainy season may find that mold grows quickly, especially in unventilated areas, such as behind walls and ceilings and in attics. Mold inspections can either be used as a precaution when worried about mold, or they can be performed when mold is suspected or visually seen. Mold can not only be monetarily damaging to the value of your property, but it can also be harmful to your health.

Indoor-Restore’s Mold Inspection Services

Visual mold inspection of entire property & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing with variable outdoor air quality testing.

Surface samples will be collected for laboratory mold testing.

Detailed mold inspection report with third-party mold testing results.

When mold is present, it’s common for it to go unnoticed for a while. f the fungus has spread, there could be property damage and health issues may arise especially in children or those with weaker respiratory systems. Common symptoms of mold exposure include runny nose, itchy eyes, slight to sever coughing, and possible asthma attacks. If such cases are afflicting you or someone you know then it is suggested to perform a mold inspection and indoor air quality testing. Take the precautionary route rather than waiting for a big mold problem to removed as it will be more costly. Preferably before this happens, an environmental mold inspection and mold testing services company should be contacted.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a renowned provider of mold testing, mold inspections and mold remediation. We provide a visual mold inspection of the entire property as well as testing the air quality both indoors as well as outdoors to compare mold spore counts. These mold inspection and mold testing services can be performed on all property types throughout Santa Monica, including residential, government, industrial, commercial and medical buildings. Mold samples collected will be sent to a third party laboratory for testing. If you select our company, know that all our customers receive a detailed and complete report of the inspector’s notes as well as the laboratory findings.

We offer mold inspection & mold testing to Santa Monica residents!

In order to prevent mold from spreading, it’s important to have a property inspected annually, especially before rainy season. Having roofs repaired and ventilation systems cleaned before then would also help to prevent mold. Mold likes to grow and thrive in dark, damp places with low ventilation, such as closets, under bathroom sinks, basements, attics and crawl spaces. These are areas where property owners rarely go, which can leave a mold problem unchecked and unsolved for too long. Health problems can ensue when mold becomes a great issue. Children, elderly and those with respiratory problems will have symptoms are more susceptible to allergic reactions to mold.

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