Mold usually thrives in a humidity of 60% or more. The warm temperatures in the summer and constant feed of moisture also create ideal conditions for mold to breed and spread, affecting the indoor air quality. When this happens, Long Beach residents will require professional mold inspection and mold testing services.

[wc_row][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”first”] If you are hydrophilic, chances are that you live in Long Beach, CA, the Aquatic Capital of America. 2.22% of the city is dominated by water which provides beaches and the Aquarium of the Pacific, where you can learn everything about the world under the sea. This large presence of water in the city makes it one of the dominant maritime centers of the United States, as well as a training facility for a number of Olympians and world champions in aquatic sports. However, Long Beach is not just known for its water.

[/wc_column][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”last”] [imageframe lightbox=”no” padding=”50px” style=”border” style=”dropshadow” bordercolor=”#ffffff” bordersize=”4px” stylecolor=”” align=”left” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″]long-beach-welcome-sign-air-quality[/imageframe][/wc_column][/wc_row] The abundance of activities and programs and close proximity to the beach makes Long Beach an ideal place to live. Unfortunately, as much as you love being near the water, mold does too.

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There are about 114 historic landmarks in the Long Beach area that provide information about the history and culture of the aquatic city. However, some of these buildings are pretty aged. These old building structures have weakened foundations which fail to inhibit the infiltration of moisture and water that are partly responsible for the growth of mold indoors. Poor air circulation or old, blocked vents inside the buildings reduce the indoor air quality and leaves

[/wc_column][/wc_row] harmful toxins released by molds in the air. The city of Long Beach continues to improve its style of living with the construction of new buildings and homes. These domains are built with tighter insulation; unfortunately, the tight insulation can trap the omnipresent moisture from the marine breeze of the city and provoke the growth of bacteria in dark spaces indoors.

Pollution levels in the air are dangerously high from the diesel exhaust of port ships; the Los Angeles port and Long Beach are in very close proximity to each other which contributes to the increased concentration of air pollution by ships. The poor air quality of the city and a prevalent sea breeze creates a damp, musky environment that mold can thrive on indoors and outdoors. 

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Learn more about our mold inspection & mold testing services!

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A lack of mold inspection, mold testing, and air quality testing can allow mold to become extremely dangerous to those it is exposed to. The constant sea breeze of Long Beach allows mold spores in the air to spread around the city all the way to hard to reach places in indoor structures. The damp, pollutant filled air creates a strong foundation for mold to grow, form colonies, and release additional mold spores that produce allergens. Typical allergy symptoms and allergic reactions can occur from this exposure. Some molds are harmful to the human immune system. People are more prone to infections and weakened internal systems if mold exposure is prolonged or if the mold is touched or inhaled. Toxins, such as mycotoxins, are also released by some more molds which may lead to respiratory problems.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a licensed and insured mold inspection company. With over 15 years of experience in the mold industry, you are assured up-front and affordable prices, professional consultants, and specialized  air quality services. Our main priority is to provide a clean, healthy environment for you indoors, so we offer our best mold inspection and mold testing deals to you with no surprises. Our mold inspection consultants and mold testing inspectors have been trained in various backgrounds such as construction management, indoor air quality testing, and industrial hygiene in order to accurately identify and assess your mold and mildew issues. We thoroughly assess the air quality and perform mold inspection and mold testing procedures to decide which methods are the safest and most effective way to eliminate the fungus.

If you currently live in the wonderful city of Long Beach and are experiencing mold and mildew troubles or notice poor indoor air quality in your residence, call Indoor-Restore Environmental Services at our local number (310) 526-6975 or toll-free at 1-866-358-3838. For more information regarding the causes and effects of mold, as well as a list of our services, please visit Our primary purpose is to provide residents of Long Beach with the best mold inspection and mold testing services.

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