Geographical features of Long Beach trap unhealthy air from surrounding areas to cause high concentrations of pollution. Mold growth is a real concern to our locally-based Indoor-Restore Environmental Services employees who focus on mold removal.

As a port city, Long Beach regularly sees the departure of shipping lines and cruise lines bound for international destinations. Extensive trade makes the port the second largest in the United States. There is a large oil industry both onshore and offshore and a great deal of manufacturing. Because of these industries, pollution and airborne contaminants in the area are significant, even higher than surrounding Los Angeles area communities.

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Long Beach, California is a huge metropolis in the greater Los Angeles area.  Once upon a time, vacationers frolicked on the Ferris wheel and roller coaster at “The Pike.” With a modern continuation of the oceanfront theme, the city is now the self-proclaimed, “Aquatic Capital of America.” Indeed, the Aquarium of the Pacific, a beautiful educational destination for all things ocean-related, now graces the area. Even sports are tied to the ocean, including beach volleyball with hometown Olympic star, Misty May-Treanor.

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More than half of the properties in Long Beach are tenant-occupied. Renters, as well as home owners, should be aware of potential environmental hazards that may exist in their living spaces. The presence of pollution and contaminants has already been mentioned. Water quality issues are definitely connected with the presence of harmful substances. What is another area of concern for renters and property owners? Mold. The presence of indoor mold is also concerning to our younger population, including our students.

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Cal State Long Beach, one of the largest universities in the state, is a desirable choice for higher education and is located just three miles from the Pacific Ocean. The easily identifiable sporting complex, The Pyramid, can seat over 5,000 sports fans, while the University Art Museum houses a critically acclaimed art collection. Living in Long Beach does have its distinct advantages, since it is close to so many people, places, and things. The proximity to damp ocean conditions, and winter rains, does mean that students, and others in the area, should check for the presence of mold in their living spaces. It is important to keep a lookout for indoor mold, which uses a combination of organic building materials, dampness, and ideal temperatures to grow.

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If mold is discovered in your residence, you’ll want to contact the local mold removal experts at Indoor-Restore. Mold removal is a specialized and detail-oriented process. Pre-written mold removal estimates and plans are presented for all our work so that the property owner or resident is very involved in the decisions and costs approved.  The mold-contaminated area of the home is quarantined from the rest of the property to minimize airborne spreading of mold spores. Mold removal will be carefully done, and mold-infested building materials will be disposed of using industry-safe protocols. Once these hazardous materials are removed affected areas of the home will be decontaminated and clearance tested for safety by a third-party laboratory. Finally, last step in our mold removal process, anti-fungal treatments are utilized to eliminate future mold growth. Odor treatments can be done to deodorize properties, as well. 

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