Indoor-Restore has the equipment and techniques to perform mold removal, remediation for your Los Angeles property.

The city of Los Angeles, California, is at the heart of one of the busiest, most populated metropolises in the United States. On one coast, New York City wins the prize, but on the Pacific coast, Los Angeles or the “City of Angels” is America’s prominent city in terms of sheer numbers of people. In an area where glitz, pop culture, and even anonymity thrive, local neighborhood businesses are a welcome touch. We at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services are happy to provide our customized and individualized services to this huge population center.

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Remove mold from your property.

Once mold is determined, mold removal and damage remediation is necessary.

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Smog and air quality issues are an unfortunate hallmark of the area. LAX, USC, and other LA acronyms are familiar household words to many. A warm sunny climate can be enjoyed almost all year round. Attention-getting earthquakes are not uncommon. These diverse facts are just some of many pieces that define the crazy, but well-loved jigsaw puzzle that is known as Los Angeles.

In a large city, it is sometimes hard to know where to turn when problems arise. If you are a property owner in the Los Angeles area, you know that protecting property values and maintaining a healthy place to live are important. When it comes to situations with mold or other indoor contaminants, our company is an excellent place to turn. Because we are independently certified for our mold removal services by nationally recognized environmental organizations, we can be trusted to completely address mold problems.

Our mold removal services follow a 5-step protocol:

Build containment of affected area & create negative air pressure

Mold removal process includes the use of HEPA filtration

Proper mold removal of contaminated materials with treatment

Decontaminate containment chamber and affected areas.

Complete mold removal process with preventative encapsulant.

Our mold removal technicians are trained to spot evidence of water damage or leaks, especially in hard to find places. A water source is the first part of the recipe for mold formation and often remains undiagnosed. We may use infrared water detection techniques to find even hidden sources. Mold growth levels can multiply when dampness and warm temperatures are combined. Our mold removal services start at the core of the problem, locating and addressing the source of water in your home or apartment. If there is a sudden source of water, such as flood or leakage, all affected areas should be dried thoroughly within 48 hours. High humidity areas where condensation is noticed, such as in bathroom or showers, can be problematic.

All of our investigative work is done with your approval, and we strive to educate and inform you of the problems discovered.

With the longevity of Los Angeles’ infrastructure, older buildings certainly exist next to modern high-rise structures. The 1920’s era Hollywood Bowl, which went through extensive renovations in the early 2000’s, is an example of a renovation project. Renovation is generally a mix of old and new when it comes to building materials and construction methods. There are different concerns for both old and new buildings, in terms of mold. Appropriate modern HVAC systems are important to keep humidity down and sometimes even newer construction can overlook some of these important ventilation issues.


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Leaks can always occur, whether a property is old or new. Older properties may have developed leaks around doors, windows, or roofs, or use substandard building materials. Mold has the potential to trigger a number of health hazards. Because our mold removal technicians are professionals, they will ensure that mold is removed and affected areas are decontaminated. We can also protect the property against future damage with anti-fungal treatments and recommendations to inhibit the return of mold. It is always easier and less expensive to treat a small mold problem before it becomes bigger, so call us early. You can be assured that Indoor-Restore is here to meet the environmental needs of the greater Los Angeles area.

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