Understanding the effects of moisture problems in Lynwood, California can reduce the need for mold inspection & mold testing services.

Lynwood is a beautiful city a few hours inland of the West Coast in California. Located in the Los Angeles Basin near other landmarks such as Compton and South Gate, the city is named for Mrs. Lynn Wood Sessions, the wife of a local dairyman in the earl 1920’s. As with many cities in the area, Lynwood is often sunny and a comfortable spot for its 70,000+ residents. If you have recently moved to Lynwood, be it a home or a business, you can be ready for fair weather that averages in the mid 80’s during summer and generally not dropping below 50 in the winter time. Although the weather is fairly warm, the humidity in Lynwood averages 79% over the course of the year, sometimes peaking at much higher than that.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has over 20 years of industry experience to inspection, test, detect, and resolve mold and moisture issues for residents in Lynwood, CA.

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It is generally agreed upon that between 30% and 60% is a comfortable level of humidity, so what does it mean when the area you live in averages 79%? It may or may not affect your comfortability, a lot of how high humidity feels depends on other factors, such as the temperature and how much humidity is usually in the air. An area with generally low humidity might feel worse at 79% than an area that floats around that number year-round. It does mean, however, that the air carries a lot of moisture and that allows that moisture to get into places it may not normally be able to reach and create water issues in places that aren’t directly linked to water.


So what should you know if you are planning on becoming a new resident of Lynwood? It can be very important to have the property examined with a thorough mold inspection and mold testing for potential threats. Mold remediation can add a lot to the cost of buying a home if it’s not found in the early stages or if the structure lacks the proper mold inspection and mold testing services and bought without knowledge of moisture and mold issues. Not only can mold and moisture threaten the structure of your home or business by weakening building materials and infecting support beams, it can also cause immediate health issues in those sensitive to allergens or with respiratory issues. There can also be negative medical effects to the perfectly healthy, yet symptoms will more likely occur after long exposure.

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Visual mold inspection of entire property & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing with variable outdoor air quality testing.

Surface samples collected for third-party laboratory mold testing.

Complete, detailed report of inspector’s notes and lab results.

While mold itself is not poisonous or toxic, some mold can produce harmful toxins that can travel through the air. This can be a dangerous combination as mold is usually found in a place that gets very little attention, possibly going unnoticed for months at a time. When moisture is in the air it will cling to whatever it can, gathering more moisture over time. The most common places moisture likes to reside are in rugs, walls, wood, ceiling tiles, and carpets. If you have an area of your Lynwood household that goes unnoticed, you may want to seek professional mold inspection and accredited mold testing. Once moisture builds up, whether it be from a leaky pipe, moisture in the air, or heavy weather infiltrating your home, it can take as little as 48 hours for mold to grow.

No property is too small or too large for our mold inspection & mold testing technicians to handle. With certifications approved by the Indoor Environmental Association, each inspector employed by Indoor-Restore performs at the highest level of knowledge and moral practices.

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Indoor-Restore is a licensed mold inspection and mold testing company that can help you find mold or moisture risk spots in your Lynwood home. Our professional technicians are trained to locate threat areas, and if necessary, assess damage, remove mold, and restore the affected area. If you think your home or business may be in danger of moisture damage or if you have found mold do not hesitate, waiting can only exacerbate the problem and the costs of mold remediation.

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