With its man-made lake in the Valley Ranch community and amazing golf course, living in Moreno Valley is dreamlike. However, one needs to be sure their dreams don’t get molded over that require mold inspection and mold testing services.

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Like many communities, Moreno Valley has many older homes that are susceptible to property damage situations which newer homes typically do not. Mold can develop in older homes through leaking pipes and old, damaged roofing — a very common occurrence and perhaps a foregone conclusion.

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Mold is known to cause a number of ailments which can be incredibly bad for your health. Although living in Moreno Valley can be an incredible lifestyle, no one wants their lifestyle to be contaminated.

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Indoor-Restore has numerous areas of expertise that can aid you in keeping your Moreno Valley living space free from mold and other indoor contaminants.

Indoor-Restore is a merited company that provides services such as indoor air quality (IAQ) testing, mold inspection and mold testing, as well as mold removal and water damage restoration.

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Moreno Valley has seen a drastic increase in population in the past 20 years. In order to sustain the influx of people moving to the area, many new homes had to be built. Newer houses are typically built tighter than ever. While this is extremely helpful in keeping the power bill low, it can come with an unfortunate side effect: inadequate ventilation. Poor air circulation traps indoor contaminants such as mold spores. When humidity builds, also due to lack of ventilation, mold can thrive and cause extensive damage.   Mold can also manifest in areas with inadequate ventilation, such as newer homes that have been designed with impenetrable instillation, or simply by using air conditioner units that recirculate the same air over long periods of time.

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Although, not all homes in Moreno Valley have been built in the last 20 years, there are many older homes that, despite their character, can be the most welcoming of hosts to contaminants such as mold. Older homes tend to have weak roofs and siding. This can lead to excessive moisture entering the house via rain and humidity. Older homes also tend to have weaker pipes, which may have hidden leaks. Older homes, although they are loved for their history and charm, can easily become breeding grounds for mold.

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Whether it is preventative or for an existing concern — such as a water leak or mold – Indoor-Restore is happy to inspect any concern you have, no matter the size. A comprehensive mold inspection of the premises comes complete with visual analysis, moisture testing, leak detection, and sample collection for laboratory mold testing analysis (a.k.a. mold testing). A comprehensive mold inspection is sure to ease your mind, or at the very least, lay out collective data and the necessary game plan to tackle the issue at hand.

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Indoor-Restore has over 20 years of experience and is a leader in the mold inspection and mold testing industry. Indoor-Restore’s greatest concern is of your well-being, and this is achieved with mold inspection experience, professionalism and honesty.

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Speak with our certified mold inspection consultants!

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The importance of a mold free home can’t be stressed enough. Mold is ubiquitous in the atmosphere and can cause a number of health issues. Indoor-Restore provides any and all mold inspection services to ensure your Moreno Valley residence remains a healthy safe environment for you and your family.

Whether the concern is in your Moreno Valley office, an industrial facility, or your home, Indoor-Restore will determine the extent of a property damage concern, or if one exists, and make informed decisions regarding resolution. Indoor-Restore is here to help you keep your property mold free.

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