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You’ll find Oxnard sitting along the southern coast of Ventura County, California. The city was first incorporated in 1903, when it was an agricultural haven for lima beans and strawberries. Today, it is a transportation hub, thanks to it Amtrak, Union Pacific, Greyhound and Metrolink stations. It is considered as the most populous city in the metro of Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura.

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This metro is also known as being one of the wealthiest in the U.S. The people here are earning well above the national average and the city has violent crime rates that are well below the national average, making it a great place to live. Although the residents here are safe from crimes, they aren’t safe from mold contamination, thanks to the consistent warm weather, nearly 16 inches of rainfall each year and being off the coast of California.


When your property is plagued with a fungal growth like mold, there’s a way to have it removed quickly. The mold remediation services we offer at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services were made for all property types in Oxnard, including residential, industrial and commercial. Whatever property you own or rent that has mold growth, our team of licensed, bonded and insured experts can successfully perform mold removal for you. We have been in this business for 20 years and for good reason – we know what we’re doing!

Indoor-Restore has been in the mold industry for over 20 years. We employ certified, experienced technicians to safely and properly remove mold from your property.

It’s a good idea to have your home inspected by licensed mold inspectors once a year and after leaks are found. If mold growth is confirmed, our mold remediation experts can come and execute a thorough 5-step procedure on your property, which consists of the following:

The areas of your home that are contaminated with mold will be constricted to prevent the further spreading of mold. This is accomplished with a HEPA filtration system that pulls allergens and mold spores from the air of your property.

All objects in your home that are damaged by mold or water will be removed from the property.

The moldy areas of your home will have a special biocide applied to deter future mold growth.

Anti-fungal encapsulate is used to seal cracks in the walls, ceilings and floors, so that mold won’t grow there.

Finally, your property is decontaminated again to help guarantee the mold removal was a success.

The mold removal process should be handled by certified and professional experts. Indoor-Restore employs only those who are qualified with the appropriate educational background and certification. All field staff undergo continued education and training to improve the services offered to protect your healthy and restore your property to its pre-mold state.

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Having such thorough protocol is what allows us to properly perform mold remediation on the properties of our customers. They are very satisfied with the results and the idea of receiving a 10 year warranty. Clearance testing is also performed by a third party lab we send samples to, which then ensures that mold removal was accomplished. Once this is confirmed, our customers receive a Certificate of Clearance as proof.

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