The most efficient way to deal with potential mold or mildew issues in your Pomona property is to hire the mold remediation professionals such as our team of experts at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services. 

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Being the seventh largest city within the Los Angeles County, Pomona has a population of approximately 149,058 individuals. The area that makes up the city is comprised of 22.964 square miles. Only 1% of that area is water. The weather is some of the driest in the area with an average precipitation level of 17 inches for the entire year. Average daytime temperatures are from the low 60s to high 90s making it typically mild. Residents see a good amount of sun all year long and you would think that with these temperatures homes would be immune to mold and mildew issues.

[/wc_column][/wc_row]Even in dry weather locations there is the possibility of mold or mildew in your home. Understand that not all molds are toxic, however, it is important that you determine the nature of the problem and deal with it head on. 

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In order for you to deal with the potential hazards of mold it is important to call us to set up an mold inspection by one of our qualified experts who has been trained with the knowledge of almost 20 years of experience. The professional will determine the location of the potential mold and take samples to send to our outside laboratory to determine the type of mold and what toxins, if any, are involved. If mold is detected, even in a small amount, the process of mold remediation will need to be discussed and then acted on.

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This is going to provide you with a space that is free of mold and that we warrant our mold remediation services for ten years to ensure that the mold will not return.

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Receive an Estimate for our Mold Removal Services!

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The process of mold remediation is fairly straight forward but does take a certain amount of time in order to do a thorough job. The entire process will be discussed with you in detail before a single step is taken. Throughout the process of the mold remediation we work with our clients to keep you updated on the progress of the work so that you stay involved.

A mold remediation professional will create a containment chamber of the space around the contaminated area. A negative air pressure will be created with the help of a HEPA filtration system. Once this has been accomplished, all of the contaminated materials will be removed. In some cases this includes the removal of wall materials such as drywall or flooring. The next step of the mold removal process is to utilize a biocide treatment over all of the surface areas that are inside the contained area. Certain areas in the contaminated environment, such as studs in the wall, wall cavities and wallboards will have a sealant/encapsulant applied. This is used to aid in the prevention of reoccurring mold by keeping moisture and heat from coming in direct contact with the surface of the building materials.

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Upon applying all of the sealant, the entire work area is decontaminated with the help of a HEPA vacuum again and a hospital grade biocide is used to treat the area in order to neutralize the mold/mildew smell. The negative air HEPA filter removes all mold spores in the air during the mold remediation process, making it impossible for them to land on the surface and grow again. Once the mold remediation work has been completed, our experts will send new samples to a 3rd party lab for final testing

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Once it has been determined that no more mold spores exist, a Certificate of Clearance is issued. This is provided to each client stating that we have completed the mold remediation process and the area has tested negative for any mold contamination.

Our goal at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is to provide our clients with a Pomona home or business free from mold spores that could be harmful to their health. Contacting us for your mold remediation needs allows us to meet our goal with the personal attention an issue like this requires.

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