Indoor-Restore Environmental Services offers mold removal services to San Bernardino, CA and the greater Southern California area.

We provide a complete mold solution from start to finish. We offer mold inspection, mold removal and property restoration services. We can return a property to as good as new for less than the competition. We’ll beat any competitor’s price by at least 5%, guaranteed.

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Wet winter and extremely hot summer that regularly sees temperatures well into the 90s, creates a huge demand for professional mold removal services in the city. San Bernardino’s extremely hot summers trap high levels of moisture that are ideal for mold. A heavy reliance on air conditioning can also lead to mold growth in systems that need cleaned.

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Once mold has been identified, we’ll work with you to decide a customized approach for the mold removal. All prices are agreed upon up front. Our San Bernardino mold technicians will explain every step of the process with fully detailed costs that are agreed upon from the beginning. We’ll help you decide which damaged areas of the property simply need to be torn out and replaced, and which may be salvageable. In some cases, we can decontaminate furniture, clothing and other items that have been damaged by mold.

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Prior to removing the mold, we quarantine all contaminated areas from the rest of the property to avoid cross-contamination. The affected area is then cleaned with a HEPA filtration and negative pressure vacuum to remove the spores. Any carpeting, insulation, and other damaged materials are then removed. The entire area is then treated with a hospital grade biocide. Surrounding areas are then decontaminated. All work areas are sealed with an anti-fungal encapsulate that prevents the mold from returning.

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Once the mold has been eradicated, we conduct clearance sampling on the entire contaminated area. We provide surface testing through taking swab samples that are sent to our third-party laboratory for processing to ensure the integrity of the test. We also conduct visual assessments of the property and Indoor Air Quality Sampling, where we test the air for air borne mold spores.

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Request your mold removal estimate today!

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Once clearance testing has confirmed the mold has been eradicated, we issue a fully guaranteed, 10 year warranty on all work. Mold will not return to the property for a full decade, or the removal is on us. We can afford to offer San Bernardino residents one of the best warranties in our industry due to thoroughness of our mold removal and clearance testing. Indeed, we’ll stand behind our work for longer than the Beatles recorded music together.

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Call Indoor-Restore for your complete mold removal needs. We’ll handle every step of the process, from mold testing to eradication to restoration. We’ll have your property looking as good as new again. For the health of your pets, family, and workers, deal with mold proactively by nipping it in the bud before it becomes an expensive and dangerous problem. Talk to our specialists. It all begins with a conversation.

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Do you know San Bernardino?

The second poorest city in the nation behind Detroit, San Bernardino suffers from an economic downturn that has never truly recovered. A median household income averages a mere $20,000 in the city, and unemployment is rampant. The 1994 closing of Norton Air Force Base resulted in the loss of 10,000 jobs to the city, and the city has struggled ever since. Over 40 percent of its residents are on public assistance. More than a third of the city lives below the poverty level. In 2012, the city became the largest at the time to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

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