Indoor-Restore Environmental Services mold removal technicians are highly trained to be able to spot water damage and mold growth that may be present in and around a home.

Our mold removal process begins with a thorough mold inspection by our inspector. They will perform a visual mold inspection and will take samples of suspect spores both indoors and outdoors. Once testing is complete, suspect samples will be sent to an independent laboratory who processes the samples to determine the type and severity of the mold present if any is found.

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If results show the presence of mold our professional mold technician will perform a 5 step mold removal process to eradicate mold from the property. Mold removal should never be attempted by a non-professional as it is very difficult to treat adequately with harsh household compounds and will typically continue growing even if it has been washed away by chemicals like bleach and other common household cleaners. Left untreated, it cannot only damage property by eroding materials used in the walls and foundation, but can cause health problems in those prone to asthma and allergies.

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Mold can be dangerous to infants with underdeveloped immune systems, elderly with weaker immune systems and even to mothers who are nursing.

The 5 step process includes a HEPA filtration system being utilized that controls contaminated areas of your property by trapping mold spores and allergens and removing them from the space. Once that has been done, any mold infected material will be removed and a special biocide will be used to disinfect and prevent mold from cultivating and continuing growth. Wallboards and studs are protected with an anti-fungal sealant and the property will be neutralized once more to ensure that all mold is gone.

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Our mold removal services receive a 10-year warranty!

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When mold removal is done by Indoor-Restore Environmental Services it is not simply washed away and out of sight, but it is eradicated and guaranteed with a Certificate of Clearance and a 10 year warranty to ensure the remediation is complete. We value our community and work hard to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the service we provide.

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Residing on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the United States. The climate is typically mild with temperatures soaring well above 70̊ well over ¾ of the year. The heaviest precipitation falls usually from December until March which can lead to the excess presence of moisture retention in homes the rest of the year due to the moderately warm temperatures.

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Mold requires moisture to grow and often people will have leaky roofs or water pipes and won’t be aware of it because they occur in areas not commonly seen by homeowners or tenants.

San Diego properties have been very vulnerable to the growth of mold and when mold is present it is essential that it is taken care of by a professional who has the knowledge and experience necessary to completely perform mold removal diligently while at the same time doing so in an eco-friendly process that assures the safety of all who may be on the property. Many people never think about mold until they begin to smell a musty odor that is commonly associated with mold, or until they can visually see it growing.

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