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Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a relatively new phenomenon associated with our highly urbanized San Francisco environment and the tendency for many of us to spend much of our time indoors. All types of buildings are susceptible; both older and newer buildings. Indoor air quality is the culprit. However, what is it that causes poor indoor air quality, resulting in numerous and mysterious symptoms to appear in many people?

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If you are constantly suffering from mild cold-like symptoms which never seem to go away, such as waking up in the morning with plugged sinuses, feeling lethargic, sore throat, mild headaches or strange and unexplained allergies or symptoms which develop over time and won’t disappear; you may be suffering from “Sick Building Syndrome.”

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Molds, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and unknown chemicals may be present in your San Francisco building or home.  One of the first actions undertaken by Indoor-Restore, a leading mold inspection services company in San Francisco, will be to take perform a visual mold inspection and take an indoor air quality sample. This mold inspection service will determine the source of the possible issues in your San Francisco property.  Quite often when affected individuals leave their San Francisco home or building the symptoms disappear. If you suspect a SBS issue then direct your attention to having a mold inspection performed in the indoor environment.



Health issues in San Francisco; due to mold and exposure to thousands of VOCs, have received minimal study in the past, since it seems to be a modern phenomenon. These are classified as organic and inorganic biohazards and are now recognized as major health issues by the medical community and government.  Allergies are on the increase and many people have developed strange symptoms after being exposed to assorted chemicals and/or molds. 

Mold is a particular problem in older structures and is caused by a moisture buildup inside the building.  Moisture buildup or dampness is usually caused by leaks in pipes or cracks in roofs, walls and foundations.  Mold thrives under damp conditions and the spores take root in the moist material, spreading throughout the building; especially within the building envelope, attics and basements.

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Using infrared thermal imaging during a mold inspection,  Indoor-Restore, will be able to detect all sorts of problems such as water leakages and damage, building flaws and weaknesses, VOCs and assorted chemical residues.  Indoor-Restore can repair or rebuild any part of the building in order to eliminate problems and improve indoor air quality. We have over 20 years of experience in the Indoor Environmental Industry in San Francisco and know this city inside out and its particular characteristics.

The San Francisco Bay area offers particular challenges because it is located in an earthquake prone area. Many buildings were badly shaken during the last major earthquake and even though they withstood the tremors; foundations, roofs, walls and pipes were cracked. Leaking water no doubt played a major role in widespread mold infestation due to moisture buildup.

Even new buildings in San Francisco can be susceptible to mold despite the latest technologies. In fact, being situated in a rain forest climate zone makes all of these coastal cities vulnerable to mold infestation.  New building technologies which were designed to eliminate the problem of moisture buildup have sometimes failed; not allowing the building to “breathe” has called the need for mold inspection services.


Moisture is always present in the air and cannot be totally eliminated but if it is allowed to accumulate within a building, it will eventually lead to envelope failure and mold infestation. Other problems in San Francisco are the summertime moisture laden fogs which roll in from the Pacific Ocean. This provides the ideal breeding ground for mold.

However, the main problem in a city like San Francisco is not from faulty building codes and envelopes but from the countless invisible and undetected cracks in earthquake shaken structures; which have allowed moisture to enter. In hidden corners, basements, attics, building envelopes and countless other places deep within a building; mold spores are taking root on any damp material.  Mold spores are also airborne and although inhaling them is not normally fatal, it is the cause of allergies and other mystery symptoms.  Most of us are living in mold infested buildings, especially on the rainy West coast which calls for professional mold inspection services.

Visual mold inspection of entire property & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing with variable outdoor air quality testing.

Surface samples collected for third-party laboratory mold testing.

Complete, detailed report of inspector’s notes and lab results.

Indoor-Restore will fully analyze your San Francisco rental or building through a mold inspection and detect all of the weak points which allow moisture to enter the building. We will reconstruct where necessary or clean up the mold and seal the leaks/cracks.  Also, we will test the building humidity and other dynamics and recommend workable solutions. We will analyze your indoor air quality and undertake the necessary steps to eliminate the causes of poor air quality.

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