All of our technicians are completely trained and tested to follow the correct mold removal requirements recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The local weather is just one part of the environmental impact on San Jose families. Like most places, San Jose has its share of indoor mold problems. Homeowners and property owners who live in the area may need to call in a professional company to address mold removal concerns. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a locally-based company who services all of the greater San Jose area in mold inspection and mold removal and remediation services. Give us a call if you suspect mold as a problem in your indoor environment, and we will professionally and completely address all issues.

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Remove mold from your property!

Our certified, licensed staff members will safely remove any contaminated material to promote a healthy living or working environment!

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When mold removal is required, we only provide state-of-the-art methods, equipment, and personnel to address your concern. Mold removal is a specialized and trained skill which is extremely methodical and labor-intensive. All steps must be taken, in the proper order, and with the proper protective equipment. Because of the risks involved and because of the highly methodical procedures used, professional services such as Indoor-Restore should be used for mold removal. Indoor-Restore is nationally recognized by professional agencies.


We work with insurance companies and claims, when needed, to provide the expert mold removal work that is required. When all of our work is finished, we provide a Certificate of Clearance which indicates that the property is safe for the inhabitants. Of course we provide all recommendations and costs up-front, with no surprises.

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We recommend you try our service, which follows the multi-step procedures required, including the following:

Once the mold affected work area is established, we partition off the work area and seal it from clean areas to contain the mold problem completely.

Air quality is maintained and purified using HEPA filters and vacuuming, thus ensuring that any mold spores are trapped and not transferred to other parts of the building.

With the appropriate protective gear and equipment, we remove any building materials or mold-infected items with your approval. For items that remain, we perform thorough deodorizing, anti-fungal treatments to prevent future mold growth, and biocides to destroy existing mold colonies.

We clean the entire work area, dispose of dangerous moldy materials, and ensure that no mold escapes the work area.

Through the entire mold removal process, we keep you informed and educated, but we complete the entire project without your having to deal with the risks, mess, or concerns of mold removal.

Please give Indoor-Restore Environmental Services a call when you find you have a mold removal need in the greater San Jose area.

As the tenth largest city in the nation, San Jose dominates the South Bay landscape.

For those who enjoy the renovated downtown area or the many parks in the area, San Jose offers big-city metropolis glitz with an enormous offering of nearby recreational opportunities. Whether it’s a day trip to Santa Cruz or a trip up Mt. Hamilton or an afternoon in the Rose Garden, San Jose locals know how to have a great time. Children love the Tech Museum, where much of the local Silicon Valley technology comes alive for kids, and the popular Children’s Discovery Museum. For something really different, the Rosicrucian Museum houses Egyptian mummies and hieroglyphics. San Jose enjoys temperate weather with mostly sunny days, and a smaller than average amount of rainfall compared with most of the Bay Area.

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