As a leading company in the mold industry with over 20 years of experience, we possess an excellent reputation and affordable prices for mold removal & mold remediation services.

If you’re looking for a dynamic city, Santa Rosa is the one. As “California’s Cornucopia,” Santa Rosa is overflowing with California culture. It brings the wine and farm country, redwood forests, and the bay area together. Santa Rosa is located near the Pacific Ocean, which means the city receives a larger influx of moisture than other cities. Santa Rosa has average precipitation of 44 inches and 82% humidity. These provide ideal conditions for toxic molds to cultivate.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has been in the mold industry for over 20 years. We cater each removal project to the specific needs of each client.

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If you are exposed to molds for an extended period of time, you may experience serious health hazards. Some symptoms of prolonged mold exposure include asthma, weakened immune systems, and infections. Some molds emit poisonous mycotoxins, which can cause respiratory issues. Your property can be affected as well. Water damage and mold can weaken infrastructures, which are more susceptible to collapse during earthquakes.


Since Santa Rosa is bisected by the Rodgers Creek fault and is near the San Andreas Fault, the city is prone to earthquakes. We advise mold removal and remediation immediately after warning signs of mold or water damage become apparent.

We prevent future mold cultivation by offering services that identify and repair water damages. We also provide specialized technicians to find leaks and moisture prominent areas. Additional services that may be used to filter the air for spores and allergens include air purification techniques, deodorization, and anti-fungal treatments.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is an expert in mitigating areas within any home, office, or commercial property affected by mold growth

The first step in removing and remediating molds is a comprehensive property evaluation. We examine your Santa Rosa property for conspicuous molds and strange, pungent odors. This assessment locates definitive areas with exorbitant moisture and water damage that may be stimulating mold cultivation.

Indoor-Restore is equipped with advanced apparatus and certified personnel during every mold removal and remediation procedure. Since every property differs, we employ specially designed protocols for your specific circumstance. We aim to completely eradicate all molds and toxins from your property as quickly and safely as possible.

Indoor-Restore employees act in accordance with an explicit five-step protocol, which includes the following:

The containment of all contaminated or damaged areas and the utilization of a HEPA filtration and negative pressure vacuum for trapping and eliminating molds spores and allergens in the air

The removal and proper disposition of damaged materials from the property

Air and surface samples are taken and sent to a third-party laboratory after the completion of the mold removal and remediation process. Once these samples are analyzed and cleared, your Santa Rosa property will officially be deemed free of all molds and contaminants.

Indoor-Restore strives to provide high quality customer service. We avail trained, certified consultants for every case to explain and continually update you on the progress of the mold removal procedure. We also offer a 10-year warranty on all mold removal services and guarantee your property will be completely eliminated of molds and contaminants.

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If your Santa Rosa property is currently in need of mold removal and remediation, please keep Indoor-Restore as a future reference for all mold-related services. You can contact us through our toll-free number, or by submitting an online contact form through our website. A complete list of our mold-related services is also listed on our website.

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