In South Pasadena, Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a highly respected professional mold removal company that has been doing business for about 20 years.

South Pasadena, population 25,619, is not the largest city in the Los Angeles area, but it is one of the oldest in terms of historical trading and importance. Long before Mexican Colonial mission settlements and adobe structures were built, aboriginal people lived on and worked the land. That is a far cry from the bustling, modern South Pasadena of today, but history lives on in the many small businesses and the Farmer’s Market regularly held in South Pasadena.

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Seeking a certified, licensed company?

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has the qualifications and experience to perform mold removal services in your South Pasadena property. We are certified and licensed with over 20 years of experience in the environmental industry.

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Its beautiful weather and climate, so typical of Southern California, belies the risk of unhealthy indoor environments which can be found in both older and newer structures. That health risk is mold, which is becoming increasingly well-known, and there are many types and places where it can hide. Since some mold has toxic effects on humans, it is best to let a professional mold company deal with it.


If you have a need for mold removal or remediation, the trained technicians at Indoor-Restore will come in and take care of your needs – completely, professionally, and with a great attention to detail. Mold removal should not be taken on by someone who is not trained, or who does not have protective clothes and professional instruments to tackle the job.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services

Creation of containment chamber with negative air pressure

Removal of mold contaminated materials & proper disposal

Biocide will be used to kill any remaining mold spores in the area

A sealant will be applied to protect area from future mold growth

Final decontamination procedures the use of a HEPA filter system

If you call us at Indoor-Restore for your mold removal work, we will walk you through our complete process, which involves five key steps. Once we do all of these steps completely and with detailed commitment, your property will be certified as mold-free. All of our testing is done independently by a third-party so you can be confident that the certificates of clearance we provide are 100% valid.

Our guaranteed professional work is sure to give you years of confidence for a healthy indoor environment.


South Pasadena’s Premier Mold Removal Services!

The mold removal process involves removing all mold-infested materials, sometimes including drywall and carpeting, and then a biocide is used to kill any lingering or possible mold growth. Wall cavities and some other areas will have an encapsulate applied for protection. All of these precautions will inhibit future mold growth. When all areas have been HEPA vacuumed and cleaned up, a certificate of clearance will be provided to attest to the mold-free state of the work area.

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