Having provided our mold inspection and mold testing services throughout West Covina in recent years, we can surely address the common concerns many residents face.

Los Angeles County’s West Covina is a relatively young city, founded in the 1920s to claim land that would have otherwise been used to establish a sewage plant just outside the bounds of nearby Covina, and is still under constant and rapid development. The city motto is “Live, Work, Play”, and thus it is important to contact Indoor-Restore Environmental Services when a mold situation arises to make that motto a reality.

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There are numerous factors to consider when building, remodeling, or otherwise creating or revamping a property, whether it may be a home or a place of business. Apart from the most obvious factors of foundational soundness, a building should be constructed to hold up against damage to be adequately fit for human use. Yet we should be aware of the possible factors of water leaks, weather damage, and construction defects that may lead to mold growth.

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Symptoms of mold spore inhalation range from mild allergic symptoms to those of a severe cold; affects individuals differently. The infamous Stachybotrys chartarum (black mold) known for causing more severe respiratory problems. There have been fatal accounts from mold exposure which highlights the importance of professionally having a mold inspection in your property for the possibility of mold growth.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a professional mold inspection and mold testing company in West Covina. We offer preventative mold inspection and testing services, along with resolution based efforts to restore your West Covina property with healthy living or working conditions.

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With 20 years of experience in the indoor environmental industry, our local West Covina mold inspection experts have the educational background and industry experience to help you. Each inspector has assisted a vast number of manufacturing, economic, and residential clients with concerns of poor indoor air quality, water damage, moisture problems and suspect mold growth.

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We are West Covina’s top mold inspection company!

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Following and exceeding industry standards, our mold inspection service is combined with special equipment for examination and partnership with an accredited laboratory for analysis. During a mold inspection, our West Covina inspector will perform a visual assessment of the property, addressing areas of concern and common spaces for mold growth. Four samples are included in our basic mold inspection package (more samples can be added for an additional fee). These samples can be either air quality samples or surface samples, or both. The type of samples will be based on the current situation.

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Our company works with accredited laboratories to conduct analysis on mold inspection samples collected. Having integrity in our industry, we want our clients to receive unbiased, accurate results that will determine if mold is present and/or its toxicity type. The outcomes from the lab analysis will be included in a mold inspection report; a legal document. Both our inspector’s notes and results from the laboratory will be prepared and sent to our client only.

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To complete the mold inspection process, we have a team of report interpreters that will explain the details and the results of the report. This time is made available to all of our clients seeking additional information or clarification about the mold inspection services performed. Feel free to contact us any time after receiving the mold report.

If you’re taking a venture with a new or old property in the West Covina area or elsewhere in Los Angeles County, seek our mold inspection services.

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