Potential issues about indoor air quality or mold contaminants can be brought to the attention of your locally based Azusa, California Indoor-Restore technicians who can perform mold inspection and mold testing services.

Azusa, California, located along the San Gabriel River, is one of many urban centers in the San Gabriel valley. As part of Los Angeles County, it shares some of the challenges of a large metropolis, although both its geographical size and population are not huge, compared with surrounding communities. Poverty and crime are real-life issues. Ethnic diversity is a hallmark of the area with a large Hispanic population and culture.

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Housing in the Azusa area is a mixed bag of older apartments, condominiums, and homes, along with some newer development. With almost half of the residential properties occupied by renters, it is important to remember that rights do exist for tenants to dwell in environmentally safe housing. In the past several decades, as people have become more concerned and aware of environmental hazards, laws have been passed to assist in healthy living conditions. One of the areas that is not as regulated, but causes concern for many, is mold.

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Even though mold is naturally occurring and not necessarily harmful in small quantities, indoor mold can be very concentrated and tends to spread easily. Mold growth skyrockets in the right temperatures and under conditions of dampness (which often occurs by way of plumbing leaks or loose seals around windows and doors). Our local Azusa company, Indoor-Restore Environmental Services, specializes in mold inspection and mold testing and can analyze property concerns you may have. If you are a tenant of a mold-infested property, you may have certain rights to get the problem fixed. Check with your landlord to see what they are doing regarding any mold you may see or any musty-smelling areas of your residence.

Since health issues, particularly respiratory problems, are linked to mold, you will want to take action right away – proactive mold inspection and mold testing. This is especially true if children are in the home, or the elderly. Nearby Monrovia Health Center is a country-run resource for health information.

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The city has a strong commitment to private college education, including two religious institutions of higher learning, Azusa Pacific University (Christian), and Dhammakaya Open University (Buddhist). Azusa Unified School District services a wide variety of students at Azusa and Gladstone High Schools. As with all educational facilities, a healthy indoor environment is paramount to student learning. Sometimes poor ventilation and air circulation can be the cause of bad indoor air quality.

Safe and environmentally sound public buildings are vital to a community. Our company is committed to environmental peace of mind for the people of the Azusa community.

Public buildings, such as the Azusa Civic Center with its unique Spanish-Mission Revival style buildings (now on the National Register of Historic Places), dot the community. The Azusa Civic Center is the cultural center of the city and hosts the celebratory “Golden Days” each Fall.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, contaminated groundwater linked to manufacturing use was discovered in Azusa and so environmental concerns have long been a community priority. The site went through extensive environmental cleanup and now houses major employer, Northrop Grumman, who provides jobs for many locals. However, chemical contamination and its effect to the water supply should always be an overall social concern.


In the last few years, nearby hillside mining was deemed an environmental hazard, as well. Water quality concern is one of the specialties of Indoor-Restore Environmental Services. Water damage issues or water contamination can be a real threat to property ownership. In the event of water concerns, a professional mold inspection and mold testing company such as ours can test for water purity and make recommendations. Remember that local professionals are concerned about local issues, and we strive to be a vital resource to the Azusa community.

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