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We all know that Bell Gardens, aka “Billy Goat Acres,” is a relatively warm and dry environment.  Probably one of the many reasons you like living here, even if there are no more billy goats running around.  So how, in an environment like this, can mold form or become a problem in your home?  It’s actually quite easy.  Just mix one part stagnant air with one part darkness, add two parts moisture and a couple other factors and there you have it.  Mold growth. 

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Afraid that your property may be contaminated with mold?

Indoor-Restore does a thorough mold inspection of your home and looks for any probable causes

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What are those dark spots on the wall that seem to come out of nowhere?  Why does my house sometimes smell like an old Midwest basement, dank and musty?  How do I get rid of this nagging congestion and cough that seems to get worse when I’m in my own home?

If you have asked any of these questions, you may have an unwelcome and potentially harmful intruder.  You may have mold growth inside your Bell Gardens castle.  Even homes like the Henry Gage Mansion, the oldest home in all of L.A. County and built in 1795, are susceptible to mold growth. 

New home, old home, it matters not.  New homes are sealed well against the outdoor elements, but are also sealed well to keep moisture bottled up inside.  So hot showers, running the dishwasher, or cooking a pot of your favorite pasta adds moisture to the air and can compound a small mold growth problem into a larger one.  The small problem usually starts with a leaky water pipe or drain keeping an area moist for long periods.  The moist area isn’t allowed to dry out, not helped by the steamy showers, and soon mold growth will occur.  If nature can find a place to grow something, it will.  Even under your sink or behind your walls.  So as you can see it doesn’t matter where you live you can still have mold growing right in your midst.


What can you do as a homeowner, or even as a renter, and whom do you turn to?  Rolling the dice on a problem like this isn’t your best option.  Bell Gardens may allow gambling, but you don’t want to gamble with just any mold inspection and mold testing company to manage a potentially dangerous situation.  You want a company that has the experience, the personnel, and the track record to take on even the worst mold problem.  Or even the mildest case.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has 20 years of indoor environmental control experience.  We also have the equipment, the well-trained experts and the integrity to make sure the job is done right, to your satisfaction.  In addition to being well trained, our experts are also very experienced experts in the building trades and come from construction, home inspection and home repair backgrounds.  This is an important distinction because they know how a building is supposed to be put together and can ensure the problem will be handled correctly from start to finish.

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Now that you know you can put your trust in Indoor-Restore, what comes next?  When we come out to your home we start by talking with you to understand your concerns and what you expect the outcome to be.  We then perform a visual mold inspection of your property to identify where the mold might be and to look for probable causes.


New homes are sealed well against the outdoor elements, but are also sealed well to keep moisture bottled up inside. Old homes are also at risk as older plumbing and deteriorating construction materials present a higher risk for mold growth.

Our inspectors look for the following things:

Stains on carpets, floors, walls or ceilings, indicating the presence of mold or moisture
Moldy or musty smells or offensive odors
Evidence of mold growth other than staining, such as moist wallboard using thermal imaging cameras
Your complaints of unexplained health issues that may be tied to mold growth
Shoddy construction or repairs that may allow water intrusion and damage

The next step is mold testing of the suspected areas if evidence of mold is found.  Our mold inspection and mold testing professionals will take samples of suspected mold growth using surface or air detection methods from around your property.  We send these mold testing samples to a laboratory that specializes in mold testing and reporting.  The laboratory will then send us their report and we send you the results and with notes from the inspector during the mold inspection.  At that point our Report Interpretation Department will go over the details of the report, and answer any questions you may have, when you give them a call.  We will also talk to you about various methods of mold remediation, if needed. 

Don’t gamble with your health or home.  Have Indoor-Restore perform a mold inspection and mold testing for any suspect mold growth or other indoor allergens as soon as possible and let The Bicycle Casino do all of the gambling.

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