What Everybody Ought to Know About the Need for Mold Inspection and Mold Testing in Fresno, California

Increasing numbers of people, at work in office buildings, are suffering from what are commonly called allergies and the medical establishment is only now becoming aware of this problem.  You may suffer from itchy eyes or plugged sinuses or even a runny nose but you don’t have a cold or the flu. The doctor cannot diagnose the problem and just assumes it is allergies caused by pollen, air pollution, or something you ate.  The WHO (World Health Organization) states that up to 30% of buildings have environmental hazards which can directly affect human health.  Contrary to public opinion, it is not only older buildings which may harbor hidden hazards but newer office buildings built with the latest materials and technology.


Sick Building Syndrome is a product of mold infestation, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other assorted chemicals which can be found indoors. If there is a mold infestation, the mold spores will be airborne. VOCs and other assorted chemicals give off toxic fumes which can cause negative health effects.

Mold spores and chemical fumes degrade the indoor air quality.  Mold can cause many people to suffer from otherwise unexplained symptoms.  Some feel faint when inhaling chemical fumes; others have hay fever with itchy eyes and throat when exposed to mold spores.  Some have even suffered from heart palpitations and dizziness especially when air fresheners are in use.  Air fresheners contain VOCs.  Sick Building Syndrome is not something that occurs only in certain areas, states, or cities, but can occur anywhere under any climactic conditions.

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Fresno is located in a semi-arid climate zone, unlike San Francisco.  Many buildings have a mold problem despite the drier climate and decreased rainfall. As buildings age, leaks in piping and cracks in the roof or walls may occur which lead to moisture accumulation.  Mold spores can easily take root in the damp material and eventually patches appear in many areas of the building.  Over time, mold can spread and if the building has a ventilation or air conditioning system, the spores will spread throughout the air which people will inhale. In the case of VOCs and chemicals, the overall effects vary depending upon the contaminants.  However, increasing numbers of people report strange symptoms such as a lethargic feeling when working inside the building, which disappears upon leaving.  Headaches, sneezing, and difficulty breathing due to plugged sinuses are the most common reactions.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services in Fresno specializes in mold inspection and mold testing of particular problems that may be present in a building.  For mold infestations, a visual mold inspection is conducted throughout the entire building.  Local Fresno technicians search for leaks and cracks in the structure and pipes which could lead to increased moisture and mold.  A digital moisture meter is used to during mold testing to detect possible issues within the property that contributes to mold growth. If there is suspect contamination,  mold testing samples are collected for lab analysis and air quality testing is also done.  It’s important that the mold infestation is halted and removed immediately.


Indoor-Restore can also perform an infrared thermal imaging inspection of the building.  This is an advanced tool used to diagnose a wide range of hidden construction problems. It can uncover water damage and mold growth as well as other problems.  An infrared inspection can also uncover structural damage from fires or flooding, structural defects, dangerous materials, electrical issues which could lead to an electrical fire and many other potential issues.

Indoor-Restore has the tools to do further mold testing if necessary in order to make sure that your property is environmentally healthy, thereby ensuring the health of the occupants.  Testing for VOCs and other chemicals will determine what is present in the property and how removal can be facilitated.  Air quality testing can reveal the presence of mold spores or dangerous irritants such as asbestos, which many old buildings still contain in their building materials. Laboratory testing of the water can also reveal the presence of contaminants.

Indoor-Restore will do a thorough environmental mold inspection and mold testing of your Fresno property.  Furthermore, they are an accredited member of the BBB and their servicing standards exceed industry recommended guidelines set by OSHA, the EPA and the CDC.

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