A mold inspection and mold testing in Hawthorne, CA is only a phone call away. Let Indoor-Restore inspect your property to thoroughly determine if mold and water damage is present, ideally before they become an expensive problem. Spotting a problem early can mean all the difference when it comes to the potential expense of an issue.

Located in the Los Angeles basin, Hawthorne, CA is known for its Mediterranean climate, with enjoyable weather year round that doesn’t suffer from the heatstroke much of Southern California experiences during the summer. The weather is usually just perfect in Hawthorne, CA, though in August temperatures can hit the upper 80s and occasionally broach the 90s. Despite the pristine weather, however, businesses and private homes have been known to develop mold problems. Wet conditions are ripe for breeding grounds during the months of January and February. As the summer months kick on with temperatures consistently hitting the 80s, many residents and office managers may suddenly find themselves dealing with a mold problem that seemed to come out of nowhere.


Rampant mold problems in Hawthorne, CA rarely happen overnight. Often, they result from ongoing water issues. Air conditioning issues, leaky roofs, busted water pipes, or leaky windows can create moisture issues that allow the mold to grow. In many cases, the mold problem or moisture issue may be completely invisible to the naked eye, lurking behind insulation, in ceiling tiles, underneath floorboards, or underneath carpet. That’s why professional mold inspection and mold testing is so crucial for spotting both molds and moisture issues that allow them to feed. A visual inspection is simply not enough. Only professional mold technicians using highly technical testing tools can thoroughly determine if mold or water issues exist within a property. Anything else is a little better than an educated guess.


Comprehensive mold inspection & testing!

With over 20 years of experience, Indoor-Restore Environmental Services maintains leadership in the Indoor-Air-Quality (IAQ) industry.


Mold inspection and mold testing can be done for any Hawthorne, CA property on a purely precautionary measure, or it may be needed due to ongoing health problems. Mold detection may be done following a flood, pipe leak or identified issue in an air conditioning system.


Indoor-Restore goes far beyond just a visual mold inspection in order to completely spot any potential mold or moisture problems. Moisture detection devices including infrared cameras are often implemented in order to thoroughly inspect a property. On site professional technicians handle every step of the process. Indoor Air Quality tests are taken to test for spores in the air. Depending on the results of a visual mold inspection, surface samples will be taken, for mold testing, on all suspected surfaces, with the mold testing samples sent to an independent third party lab for mold testing.

Our technicians test for molds, allergens and other contaminants.Infrared thermal imaging may also be used to spot mold or moisture issues that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Infrared equipment is used to spot variations in temperature that under further analysis can spot moisture issues, mold growth or other problems such as structure damage or problems with the electrical system in your Hawthorne, CA property. Infrared thermal imaging is very useful at spotting potential issues before they become problems, saving the owner potentially thousands of dollars in mold and moisture damage.

Indoor-Restore also provides a complete mold inspection of your Hawthorne, CA property, testing for not only the presence of mold but identifying the exact types of mold found. Surface sampling can include swabbing, taping, and dust. Surface sampling is often done in conjunction with indoor air quality testing in order to more thoroughly inspect the indoor environment for potential mold problems.

All mold samples are analyzed and identified by an independent third party lab. A complete review of findings and the laboratory report are always presented to the client. We also offer recommendations and remediation services to deal with any potential problems, if needed.

In choosing a mold inspection and mold testing service in Hawthorne, CA, however, realize the level of service can vary according to the company. Indoor-Restore stands above the competition due to its stringent method of certification. All inspectors are annually certified by the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA), and are required to pass recurring hands on training throughout their employment. They are evaluated periodically.

All of our Hawthorne, CA mold inspectors have backgrounds in the home inspection, construction management and industrial hygiene industries. Some of inspectors have provided training to government and commercial organizations on mold issues and the assessment and prevention of moisture issues.

An industry leading moisture and mold problem detection company for over 20 years, Indoor-Restore offers some of the most competitive rates for Hawthorne, CA residents at a service level that exceeds our competitors. We bring over 20 years of indoor environmental mold inspection and mold testing, water damage restoration and mold remediation experience to every job we do. Let us help you thoroughly inspect your Hawthorne, CA property so you can be sure whether or not you have a moisture and mold issue and know what to do about it. We’ll protect your Hawthorne, CA property from mold and water issues, and if necessary restore to its pristine condition.

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