If your Malibu property is in need of mold inspection and mold testing services, contact Indoor-Restore Environmental Services through our toll-free number 866-358-3838, or by submitting an online contact form through our website.

When the words “California” and “beach” are heard together, many people automatically think of Malibu. Incorporated in just 1991, Malibu has been a very popular tourist spot. The warm, sandy beaches and numerous Hollywood celebrity sightings bring in a good number of residents and tourists. This beautiful beach city has 21 miles of coastline, which brings in a constant influx of moisture from the ocean. These high moisture levels, combined with the typical warm southern California temperatures put Malibu properties at risk for toxic molds. Molds can grow anywhere inside a building where it is dark, damp, and humid.

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Our mold inspection and testing services can be used proactively to ensure your Malibu property is clear of mold growth and acceptable levels of mold spores.

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Malibu is also accustomed to intense seasonal coastal storms, which can create dangerous mudslides and flooding. The excess mud and water could seep into properties and instigate mold cultivation. Water damage also weakens building infrastructures that may be susceptible to more damage from earthquakes. Since Malibu is located in close proximity to the San Andreas Fault, and a few other fault lines, the city is extremely prone to earthquakes. Extra moisture and water may permeate through cracks caused by quakes, and provide ideal conditions for mold to breed.

Since Malibu is a relatively new city, most buildings and homes have newer ventilation systems and foundations. These help circulate mold spores throughout the property. If molds remain undetected indoors for a while, allergy symptoms may arise. These include asthma, sinus problems, or even lung problems. Food is also susceptible to mold growth; if ingested, serious health hazards may occur. The toxic levels of mold may vary, but they all can affect your internal organs, skin, and overall health.

If you or someone you know notices conspicuous molds on your walls, bathrooms, or in corners, it is important that you contact Indoor-Restore Environmental Services to schedule a mold inspection and mold testing service. You should also contact us if there is a musky odor within your Malibu property or apparent signs of water damage from leaks, floods, or excess moisture. It takes less than 48 hours for water damaged areas to begin cultivating mold.

Our mold inspection services are offered as a precaution or as the first step in removing and mitigating molds. Indoor-Restore’s complete mold inspection is comprised of a thorough visual examination of the property, moisture and leak detection, and sampling of various surfaces for mold testing.

Visual mold inspection of entire property & areas of concern.

Indoor air quality testing with variable outdoor air quality testing.

Surface samples collected for third-party laboratory mold testing.

Complete, detailed report of inspector’s notes and lab results.

Mold testing is the process to accurately identify contaminants, such as molds, mycotoxins, and allergens. Mold testing is necessary as it allows us to figure out the best way to make sure these contaminants do not disturb you or any other people or animals anymore. This process includes collecting surface samples for laboratory testing. Surface samples may be collected by swabbing, taping, or dusting. These tests determine if there is mold or other allergens present. For better results, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) tests may also be conducted. Air samples are taken to check for airborne fungal spores. These particles contribute to worsening allergic symptoms, and even respiratory systems, in humans. Our mold inspection services are customized for your specific situation.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is a renowned for mold inspection and mold testing services. We are annually certified by the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA) and employ expert inspectors and technicians for every mold case.

Indoor-Restore equips professional, trained inspectors and technicians for the most accurate mold testing and mold inspection services. Our employees also have extensive knowledge in areas such as property conservation and home inspection. We guarantee that our staff will ensure that the mold inspections and tests are being performed properly and thoroughly. Indoor-Restore strives for 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that client awareness is crucial in the mold inspection and mold testing process. All clients will be able to communicate with experienced, certified mold inspection consultants for their own comfort and convenience.

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