If you currently reside in the Modesto area and your property requires mold removal and remediation, contact Indoor-Restore as soon as possible.

Modesto is the Spanish translation for “modest.” This modest city is been developing since the late 1800s and continues to flourish with a blooming agricultural industry, outdoor water activities, historical museums, and cute, antique shops. The city is in a central location, providing easy travels to places such as Sacramento, San Francisco, and Yosemite. Modesto is also one of the busiest railroad passages in California. Located on the Tuolumne River, Modesto receives a considerable amount of moisture. This moisture, combined with the average humidity of 80% and 62 degree weather, is an ideal foundation for mold cultivation.


We offer mold removal services!

The root of the mold problem should be addressed to properly resolve the issue. Bleaching surfaces only takes care of mold growth that is visible, so it is important to contact our company to thoroughly assess the situation and perform industry standard removal services.


Prolonged periods of mold exposure may cause serious health problems. Asthma, possible infections, and weakened immune systems are just some symptoms of mold exposure. A few types of mold release poisonous mycotoxins, which may lead to respiratory issues if ingested. If these symptoms are familiar to you, or if mold or water damage is apparent, you need to schedule an appointment for mold removal and remediation as soon as possible.



Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is distinguished for excellent mold removal. We offer distinguished services to identify and restore water damaged areas in order to prevent future mold cultivation. Experienced technicians are employed to investigate leaks and moisture prominent areas. Additional maintenance and air filtration may call for the use of air purification techniques, deodorization, and anti-fungal treatments.

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Indoor-Restore’s state-of-the-art equipment and extensively trained personnel accommodate every mold removal and remediation process. All properties are different in their mold severity, so we specially customize mold removal protocols for your property’s individual condition. It is our goal to thoroughly eliminate all molds and contaminants from your equity, with only the safest and most efficient tools and methods.

All Modesto employees follow a strict five-step protocol, which includes the following:

Decontaminating surrounding areas to guarantee complete mold removal and remediation

Sealing all treated surfaces with a special anti-fungal encapsulate

Your property will officially be declared relieved of all molds and contaminants after passing a final clearance test. Our reliable inspectors will collect air and surface samples after the treatment process is finished and send the samples to a third-party laboratory for analysis and processing. The results of these lab tests will determine your property’s status.

You can reach us by calling (866) 358-3838, or by submitting an online contact form. For your convenience, a compilation of our mold-related services can be found on our website.

With over 20 years of experience in the mold industry, Indoor-Restore offers a 10-year warranty and guarantees quality treatments and complete mold removal and remediation. We also believe in 100% customer satisfaction, so we provide professional, licensed consultants to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Indoor-Restore has established fair prices and established an exemplary reputation within the mold industry.

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