It is essential to have a licensed mold removal professional such as those employed Indoor-Restore Environmental Services take care of any mold problems within your Moreno Valley, CA property.

Situated in Riverside County, California, Moreno Valley is North of Lake Perris in the San Bernardino and Riverside metro section of the county. Sporting a tropical climate with yearly average temperatures of around 80° and average rainfall of around 13 inches, Moreno Valley, California is one city that is prone to mold growth which requires mold removal by experienced technicians.

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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has been professionally providing mold removal and remediation services throughout the Moreno Valley area for more than 20 years. Our mold inspectors will inspect the property for moisture, water damage, and suspected mold growth. Our mold removal specialists will perform the industry standard protocol to properly remove mold contaminated materials.

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Whether you rent or own a property in Moreno Valley, if there are any suspicions of mold growth you should seek professional help. Untreated mold growth can cause damage to the structure of your property, as well as potentially cause health problems especially in people who may have upper respiratory problems like asthma or illnesses like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Moisture is a key element for mold to grow and excess moisture is a result of water damage that can cause weakened floors, walls and even deteriorate property foundations.

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Having mold removal taken care of professionally is the key to eliminating the possibility of your property becoming damaged beyond repair. Mold removal and remediation needs to be performed after results from a mold inspection and accredited laboratory testing indicate a mold problem.

Indoor-Restore mold removal technicians work to eliminate mold by adhering to industry techniques that are environmentally friendly and non-hazardous to all parties involved; workers and property occupants. The health and safety for our Moreno Valley clients, as well as the value of the property, is very important to our company.

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First, our licensed remediation technicians use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system that will remove mold spores within the containment chamber. The HEPA filtration system works to effectively trap and contain mold spores that may be in the air. All mold-infected and damaged objects in the area are then removed from the property.

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Next, a hospital-grade biocide will be used on affected areas. The biocide will assist in killing any remaining mold spores that may be lingering in the area. After the biocide has been utilized, an anti-fungal encapsulate is used over the area such as studs and wallboards will be sealed in with an anti-fungal encapsulate. This is to prevent future mold growth from occurring.

Finally, the property is decontaminated with the use of the HEPA filtration system one last time for guaranteed mold removal and remediation.

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Call now to receive your mold removal estimate!

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Once these steps have been performed a clearance mold removal and remediation test is performed and all suspected surfaces are re-sampled and are sent to an independent laboratory for retesting. Once the samples have been tested and cleared through the lab, the property will be guaranteed to be mold free, and the client will be given a Certificate of Clearance as well as a 10 year warranty showing that all mold growth has been removed.

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