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Simi Valley, California is a town that sits in southeast Ventura County. It’s about 30 miles from Downtown L.A. and is close to other areas like Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth and Moorpark. In 2012, there were about 126,800 people living here. What makes this a great place to live is the beautiful scenic views of the Santa Susana Mountain range and the Simi Hills.

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This city is pretty much a commuter bedroom community, which means the people here sleep in Simi Valley, but work in major cities like Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. You can say that the weather here is pretty mild. Summers are warm and dry, averaging about 70 degrees. This town gets plenty of rain throughout the year, with almost 18 inches of annual rainfall. Residents in Simi Valley have to be watchful of their properties to ensure that the warm weather and rain don’t cause mold to grow in their homes.


The summer time can exhibit great weather for mold growth, thanks to air conditioners running constantly and the wet weather. Leaky roofs and plumbing leaks can also play a role in the onset of mold growth. This is why at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services, we recommend that you have your home inspected by licensed professionals annually or whenever you suspect or find water damage from a leak. Once they have determined that your home has a mold issue, you can hire our experts to perform mold removal & mold remediation.

The mold removal services that we use at Indoor-Restore are always performed by licensed and insured technicians. Our mold removal services have been provided to homeowners, renters and businesses throughout Simi Valley for the past 20 years. Other than eradicating mold growth, our specialty lies with ensuring that all of our clients are satisfied with our services.

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What makes our mold remediation so successful is that it follows a 5-step protocol. To give you a better idea of what will happen to your property during our mold removal procedure, here is a closer look at the steps:

First, we make sure that all contaminated areas of the home are controlled, so that mold spores can no longer spread. A HEPA filtration system is installed in these areas to capture mold spores and allergens that are circulating in the air of your property.

Next, we remove all objects from your property that has been found to be infected with mold. This also includes water damaged objects, if there was a major leak or flood.

Then the moldy areas of your home will be disinfected using a special biocide, which will help to inhibit the growth of future molds.

We will then seal cracks in the floors, walls, ceiling and other areas using anti-fungal encapsulate.

Lastly, we will perform yet another decontamination to guarantee mold remediation for your property.

Mold exposure can negatively affect our health. Make sure to have your property inspection & tested for mold before mold removal to determine the level of contamination or damage. Indoor-Restore offers both inspection & removal services.

Mold removal is a very thorough process that our clients love. They also like the idea of getting a 10 year warranty for the mold removal process, along with a Certificate of Clearance that states their property is mold-free. Not only is the guarantee spoken, but it’s also on paper for their record-keeping. All of our mold remediation projects are tested for clearance by a third party lab once we’ve completed the job. This is how we are able to stand behind our mold removal guarantee.

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