Indoor-Restore Environmental Services employs mold removal experts to perform the remediation services to eradicate the problem.

You’ll find Thousand Oaks situated in the southeastern portion of Ventura County, California, which is about 35 miles away from Downtown L.A. As you would imagine, the name of this city derived from the many oak trees growing in the area. The city seal is also branded with the oak tree. Residents of Thousand Oaks get to enjoy Mediterranean climates, which means dry and sunny summers and cool and rainy winters. Average temperatures throughout the year sit in the 70s and the average lows are between 40 and 55 degrees.


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During the rainy season, you’ll find approximately 18 inches of rainfall. If you have a permanent residence or vacation home in Thousand Oaks, it’s important to maintain your property to ensure roof leaks during rainy season don’t harbor mold growth.


In the event that it does turn into mold, the next thing to do is contact a licensed mold inspector from a mold removal company. Indoor-Restore is a known and trusted environmental business that has catered to residential and commercial properties in Thousand Oaks for over 20 years. We take pride in the mold removal and inspection service we offer, since it helps many property owners and tenants eliminate potentially harmful mold.

]Once our mold inspectors prove that your property does have fungal growth, via third-party lab testing results and quality air testing, you will receive a full report on the proper next steps to take.

Protect your property and the health of your family by removing harmful contaminants such as mold spores from your property!

With the mold removal service we offer at Indoor-Restore, your property will undergo a five-step process that ensures the mold is removed from your home or business. This service can be used for any type of property throughout Thousand Oaks. The five-step protocol that our licensed and insured mold removal professionals follow includes the following:


The indoor air of your property is cleansed of mold spores and allergens using a HEPA filter.

Water damaged and mold infected materials will be removed from your property.

Biocide is used to disinfect the contaminated area, to kill mold spores and stop their reproduction.

After our licensed mold removal professionals have completed the 5-step procedure, clearance testing will be performed by a third-party lab to ensure that your property has been remediated. Once this has been confirmed, you will receive a Certificate of Clearance, stating that your Thousand Oaks property has been successfully remediated. This will be backed by a 10 year warranty as well.


Mold growth can occur in dark, damp places in your home or business. It’s common for mold to grow in unseen places, allowing the problem to become an infestation before it is found. With a pro-active mold inspection, you can possibly prevent this from happening. To have mold removal performed on your Thousand Oaks property, give Indoor-Restore Environmental Services a call today!

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