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Visalia is a city in California that’s located near San Francisco, Los Angeles and the Sequoia National Park. In 2010, there were over 124,400 people living in Visalia. It is the oldest inland European settlement that has been continuously inhabited. The weather in Visalia, CA is semi-arid, receiving just enough rainfall to stay out of the desert climate classification (about 11 inches per year).

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Do you have mold?

Rely on the mold removal services offered by our company. Let us perform the necessary protocol to safely remove mold growth from your Visalia property.

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Rainy season is between winter and spring (November-April). You’ll find the climate to be at its warmest between April and October, where temperatures can oftentimes exceed100 degrees. If a roof or plumbing leak occurs and isn’t properly addressed or fixed, it could lead to mold growth.


If so, we will provide you with a report that dictates the next steps you should take. By hiring our mold removal service, you will have 20 years of successful mold remediation on your side.

It is imporant to contact a mold removal expert immediately after finding mold forming in your commercial, industrial or residential property.

Waiting too long will only make things worse, as the mold spores it creates will begin to spread throughout your Visalia property. To contain and eliminate the problem, you will need to have the 5-step protocol we follow used on your home.

This 5-step process is as follows:

To prevent mold from growing in areas like cracks, floors and wallboards, we will apply anti-fungal encapsulate to these areas.

Your property will be decontaminated a final time to ensure complete mold remediation.

This protocol is followed to the letter by our licensed mold removal experts. For two decades, this procedure has worked on countless properties throughout Visalia. The way we check whether the process was successful is through clearance testing. Test samples are sent to a third-party lab to verify the remediation is complete. Once this is confirmed, we will supply you with a Certificate of Clearance, stating your property is now safe from mold contamination. To guarantee this, you are also given a 10 year warranty.

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Having a home or business contaminated with mold can quickly turn into health problems for those within your property. To have mold removal performed on your Visalia property, give Indoor-Restore Environmental Services a call right away!

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